I want the world to enjoy these images I created out of love...

( Love of history and people and the story of us all )

.... as regards the public a link to my site will suffice for your usage...

Text books, Reference books, encyclopedia's are " Gratis"

Though...Please send me a complimentary book with said Image.

As one would expect... professional media outlets and commercial

uses need to clear with me before using / publishing


more below


Aliza Sherman did a very nice article about me...you may like to check out...





I believe a camera tells time better than a clock.


Have they ever invented a time machine ?

Yes...in 1839 Louis Daguerre Invented one !


I sometimes photograph celebrities and Iconic People of our age...

(current history if you will)


Than I fell in love with Antique Images

(past history if you will)


Two sides of the same coin.





Since I was a freelance press photographer all those years...1990 thru 2005

I am the sole owner of all the rights to these images...

I now am sharing those images with you the public...Enjoy.


Wikipedia is doing a wonderful job and continues to construct

an incredible reference book....for the world.

I am proud to be included as a part of that !


I periodically sell prints of my work to the public

comments are welcome

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Photos of John Mathew Smith & www.celebrity-photos.com


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ellenmc says:

Terrific photostream, and I enjoyed the Aliza Sherman interview very much.

April 26, 2010

An excellent eye and a fine collection! Thanks for sharing your many treasures. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

April 6, 2010