I collect prototypes made by TRENDMASTERS (TM). Just a huge fan of the company, for the shear reason these toys have character.

TRENDMASTERS' favorite photos from other Flickr members (10)

  • Prehistoric-90X by Mr. Flintstone
  • The Yeti (Playmates Toys) by Jova Cheung
  • An Avenger Assembled: IRON MAN by itsjblopez
  • Godzilla 98 (Trendmasters) by Jova Cheung
  • Godzilla making waves!   :) by WoGzilla by WoGzilla ☢ ゴジラ
  • Action Figure Toy: Independence Day: Alien Attacker Pilot With Host By Trendmasters 1996 - 4 of 4 by Kelvin64
  • Barbie Kool-Aid by crazykurt303
  • Gruesome Gun by Infinite Hollywood
  • Vintage General Mills Monster Cereal Soap Count Chocula Frankenberry by gregg_koenig
  • Despicable Me cake by Designer_Cakes

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