I am, quite simply, the average teen
With a not so average camera
And an unaverage fascination with animal photography
I live in Little Rock, Arkansas (as it is my birth city)
But talk like I'm in Virginia (Because I was half raised there)
And I'm always happy to talk to people
So don't be afraid to ask something

And no, I'm not a pro (asdfjkl; So please don't ask), so please don't think I'm some weirdo if I add you as a contact, it's really me, Tara. You know, dark brown hair; dark brown eyes; purple eye liner; eats peanut butter, apple, and honey sandwiches. Seriously, guys. It's me. <3

If you want to talk to me more, just add me on Facebook or something. You know.

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February 2009
I am:
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