Although the Internet is a buffet table of many wonderful images ~ supposedly the posted images are not public property ~ formerly I have had some or many of them listed as creative commons. I wish to be notified if you choose to use them in any public way** does this seem angry or unrealistic..? I have a certain few listed with Getty .

a work in progress
happy March to all my flickr-friends .
uh oh ..a little slow down in postings and therefore interest
having to devote more time to completion of the home remodeling projects..sadly seeming to stretch on into infinity..

Happy Valentines to all my flickr-friends..
on this day I have found myself immersed in the work a day of my home renovation and while i am working it is hard to flickr . I see photos at every moment and thought to take photos of the tools in action but couldn't break the flow of the works, it is as when driving along one sees photos to be made but cannot stop on a busy highway. The renovations seem to be taking forever and I think I feel like taking a big break from it but cannot at this time.. This week I purchased some new auxiliary lenses for the Cyber H-5 and hope to take full advantage of the new capabilities in an artful way.
ciao for now e/e

I have now been back in earnest for a few months and my time is moderately divided between flickr and trying to finish the home improvement project. I have posted several images which I consider my faves recently . I note that I belong to way too many group pools and I must take the time to weed out ones to which I will never post a photo too Also I see that I can't possibly keep up with so many contacts and that rotation of them is so different that I can;t see their works. I wish to add a few new contacts of people who are contacting me and that have outstanding works.
If you have added me as a contact and I haven't responded yet, I am weeding out because I wish to have a manageable amount. I don't understand members who have 500 to several thousand contacts they certainly couldn't keep up any relationship with them
I made no new years resolutions, but I did think of one thing that has to with doing more research into how I would fit into UTATA.
I also now realize that having too many contacts makes it totally unmanageable to visit and comment on their photos.
and also I must learn how to balance my life andmy participation on Flickr.
Each flickr posting s ;like a quick Flickr and then it is gone ( well not really but it seems like it)
At this point I have re-emerged back into Flickr-world after almost a complete absence of 16 months .. many things have changed and they also have remained the same. Many people have joined, some are gone or dormnat and many of the folks skills are vastly improved from when I left...
For myself I feel very rusty and like I need to relearn many things about flickr links and ne accessories which have been newly introduced

I am a very long time amateur photographer with photo experiences of 45 years . Very intensive B/W in my early and mid years of my development:I was influenced by the definition being able to compose the complete image in the camera . Now I shoot pretty much exclusively digital . My camera is a SONY Cyber-Shot DSC-S85 : only 4.1 megapxl- ve-erry slow processing speed : hoping for an upgrade soon!
I've been analyzing my photographic motivation and methodology as of late (12/05). I've come to acknowledge digital camera usage as an almost completely different medium (at times for me) than camera use and picture taking. What..? well ..because in the imaging process one can think ahead towards the next few processes in camera and in computer to fine tune the image to suit the original concept one has in minds eye or mind, when is shooting the image. Sort of like darkroom but not quite. What I also know is there are no boundaries to my imagination and nothing is an absolute for very long.

When early on in the 60's I became aware of photography as a form of art (this was hotly debated at the time), I also began to become aware of Ansel Adams works .I wonder what he would be saying about the digital medium.?

Okay..a quick note for whoever reads this, as of the middle of December 05 I began to use a 5 mega pixel camera a SONY Cyber-Shot W-5...and also around the first of the year I have upgraded my photo program to PSP X which retains the EXIF Data..
Okay I just returned from a month long trip through Italy Israel and Turkey. I shot several thousand photos of which a few hundred are meaningful and still less are flickrable photos.
I have switched using a Nikon Coolpix P1 starting around Feb 14th . I don't know how much I will like it yet. But I do know I like pocket cameras...I'm now sure coolpix P1 another "toy" camera in comparison to the "heavy" DSLR most are using
I also have been using A Cyber Shot H-5 Super zoom
which I totally adore except for it size..

-this will be udated periodically,as more thought occur.


Here is a link I found through Flickr(somewhere) which refers to Ansel Adams if you are wondering who or what my reference is about..

I picked ip this quote from Imapix photo :PixQuote:
“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”
-Ansel Adams

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    L.L. Geoff says:

    "Alan is a great photographer. He has a great eye for composition. His photo stream offers a wide variety of pictures to the viewer. It’s a real pleasure to browse through his photo stream. , It’s well worth the journey!!"

    He is a good follower of his friends' photo stream. His positive comments are a great source of motivation. Thanks so much for being a flickr friend

    Take care Geoff"

    February 29th, 2008

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    Lorenzo Angelini says:

    "Wonderfull photographer, he has so many ways to see the world!!
    And what say about a world saw from Hawaii??
    Nothing it's better!
    Great! Go on with your work man, you are surfer of photo-waves!!!"

    February 13th, 2008

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    cobalt123 says:

    ""Mr. Einstein" has a great photo stream of varied subjects that is well worth the time of a passing visitor to explore. His work is full of vitality and a joy to see. Thanks for sharing your photos with us!"

    January 14th, 2008

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    selective rest says:

    "I love Eye of Einstein's magical photgraphic transformations. Something quite ordinary becomes an explosion of colour which enlivens my day and gives me inspiration. It makes me realise that playing with images is as much a part of the process as taking the initial photograph, and that's fun ! Thank you !"

    July 21st, 2006

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    ★ mewot ★ says:

    "i am a fan of eye of einstein!
    the imagination is a powerful tool that he uses in the greatest way : )
    i also like his post processing! marvelous!"

    July 3rd, 2006

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    oybay© says:

    "Alan has amazing talent. His pictures always get priority attention when they appear in my latest pictures box and his photographic eye is constantly amazing me. When I upload a pic, it is usually his comments that appear first and foremost and he truly defines what Flickr is all about. I am always thrilled to witness his next pic."

    June 19th, 2006

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    Kris Kros says:

    "Alan is definitely one of the best on flickr. I admire so much all his photos. His pictures are all meant to be on Explore front page.

    More power to you, dear friend!!!"

    June 13th, 2006

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    paladinsf says:

    "wow! how time is moving on . the digital age is here and we are both here to enjoy the new toys. after 50 years of taking picture we can do things on our computer ansel could only dream of. what great fun. we all l9ve your pictures and insights. einie, keep up the good work your friend bob"

    April 27th, 2006

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    Archer's Eye says:

    "Have you seen the majesty of this planet in all of its detail and grandeur through Einsteins eye?
    His photography of things entropic, the flora & fauna of our Island chain, and brilliant pixelated manipulations teach me the lesson of impermanence and the beauty of right now.
    With his muse Miss Kitty, I continue to enjoy the stream of Einie as he rocks the candy store that is Flickr, and he remains my life long friend.
    Aloha, Archer"

    January 26th, 2006

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