I have an Achilles 24, her name is Achilles, sail number is 11, built in 1970, at present undergoing a complete refit.
When I purchased her the survey that was offered was a year old and on the face of it she looked a little tired but sea worthy.
The reality was something quite different, what I purchased was a hull with concealed damage badly pitted gelcoat below the waterline, no rudder, the keel is badly rusted on the port side ie 1/2 - 3/4" flakes of rust were removed with a needle gun to get back to sound cast iron.
Every piece of rigging both running and standing has had to be replaced, as have the blocks, winches and cleats.
None of her wood work has been salvagable, and unlike the vast majority of 24s hers is laid differently, ie it is laid on top of the gunwhale, so has to be steamed into shape.
She was the first sold by Chris butler and the layout is different to the later boats, she has plywood instead of glassfibre on her interior, and this is to a minimum, in general she was rigged for racing, and is know on the south east coast where she sailed.
Her mast and boom are Holt Allen, and she is 7/8 rigged,
To date I've built her a trailer, stripped her completely found all of the nasties, and retified all that I've found.
To date her hull has had something like 20 litres of epoxy applied to it, below the waterline, there's still another 5 litres to go on above.
She has a new rudder, simular to the original only I made it with a mahogany core instead of balsa, a new stock and as any stainless steel that has been fitted or purchased for her it''s all 316.
On that note all deck fittings have been replaced with 316 stainless, including rigging assemblies.
I've also cut an outboard well onto the cockpit, better than having the outboard hanging over the stern on a bracket.
At this point I don't really know how much I've spent on the old girl, I suppose in the order of £12000, and still it goes on, my best estimate would be she'll end up finishe at around £15000.
Why you might ask am I spending so much, well I look at this way, she's mine and I knew when I saw her she was going to be a loss leader, but I enjoy working on her and slowly she's looking a lot better.
Even my neighbours have come to love the old girl, she sits at the top of my drive on her trailer, commanding the view, and while I'm working on her, I get little comments from them like captain pugwash is at work again, to which they get comments like that's right seaman staines and the like.
Let you all know more about what's happening.

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