I am an avid cocksucker that is always looking for the next one. I currently satisfy 3 different guys in the St. Joe area and I see them at least once a week, but usually more. Our sessions consists of one of them coming over, me dropping to my knees, and giving head. Sometimes, it will turn into a fuck, but rarely. I do see one other guy that comes over and we do everything together.

If you ever see me in public, tell me you know me from here, and I'll give you a blow job in your car or somewhere safe. I live in Saint Joseph, Missouri and I live right near the Country Club off Frederick Avenue. That's all the hints I can give!!

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Lisa Johnson
January 2009
Kansas City, MO
St. Joseph, MO, USA
I am:
Female and Single
Realtor/Massage Therapist
lisa.johnsonsux [at] yahoo.com