Magnificent Dogwood Flower


We intend to keep growing no matter how old we become, to remain

receptive to enlightenment, and to conserve the gifts of the earth.




Dogs love people unconditionally while people fight over little things.

We observe and photograph dogs for their inner and outer beauty.


Hold the Relish ... Circular Tire Tracks on Highway 9


Some people do strange things. We are lucky to record a few of them.


Good Fences Have No Neighbors ... Lower Sunrise Lake


While the grass may be greener and the lakes more blue elsewhere,

there is always much to appreciate right where you are. Look around.


Sharing the Sand


We photograph children to remind us to play nicely with all others.

We know there are people who do bad things, but fencing yourself in

isn't a good solution. Flickr helps us to communicate and learn respect

for each other. We really appreciate our international contacts.


Turkey Vulture


Hang up your phone and join the fight against Nature Deficit Disorder!

Vultures may be waiting for you. Don't die without having lived fully.


The Los Pinos Lighthouse


We wish that you find your way easily and discover exciting places.


We appreciate you for sharing your photographs here on flickr and for viewing and commenting on our photostream. We recognize that few of our photographs meet the standards for technical excellence and that we often break the rules of good composition. We seldom go out for the sole purpose of photography and are not seeking perfection, only to please ourselves. We hope that you enjoy our pictures in the spirit they were taken.


Chuck has degrees in Art from Santa Monica College and The University of Texas. He annoys people by playing the accordion. He has worked in logistics, data management, and project planning for the aircraft and space industry for over 41 years.


Vicki is a superior mother and homemaker. She plays and teaches guitar. She is active at the Boulder Creek Community Church where she shares how to deal with strange husbands like her own.


We've been married since 1973 and have two grown sons. Our older son Kenneth Rogers is doing post-doctorate research at Emory University. Keith Rogers, our younger son, is composing music and performing on the guitar.


92 of our images have been in Explore (as of April 28, 2009):


Our Explore Photos


1. Red-Winged Blackbird- Wilder Ranch, 2. There is no Real Question, 3. Hawk in Guadalupe Gardens, 4. Splash Santa Cruz, 5. Up on a Roof Top, but Where's St. Nick?, 6. Six Feet High and Rising, 7. March of the Californians, 8. Carmel by the Sea, California, USA,


9. Immature Red-Tailed Hawk, 10. Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias), 11. Chomp!, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha..., 12. Horizontal Lighting, 13. Finding Robert John, 14. Kids will be Kids, 15. The Lone Cypress, 16. Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia),


17. Come Sail Away, 18. Fun for All, 19. Better to Hear You With, 20. Thirsty Bird, 21. They All Said "Cheese", 22. Love Recalled, 23. Our Chipmunk, 24. Wooden Ship Adventure,


25. Pillow on Wheels, 26. New Friendship, 27. Simi Valley Squirrel, 28. Happy Junior Athlete, Safely Tethered, 29. Magnificent Dogwood Flower, 30. Diva the Contortionist, 31. Roll Me Over, 32. Generations,


33. The Terror of the North, 34. Coming Round the Bend, 35. Out of Service, 36. Sundial in Blue, 37. Normal-Looking Dog, 38. Absolutely Nothing is Allowed Here, 39. Gargoyle, 40. Kelping Together,


41. Long Haired Chihuahua Puppy, 42. Sing Out!, 43. Short-stalked White Russula, 44. Self Awareness, 45. Old Man of the Woods, 46. Running is Fun, 47. The Male's Tail, 48. Turkey Tails,


49. First Week 2006, 50. That Evening Together, 51. Santa Cruz, December 16, 2005, 52. Surfers against a Marina Dunes Sunset, 53. Peace on Earth, 54. The Los Pinos Lighthouse, 55. Lower Sunrise Lake, 56. Jade Lake at Chateau Montelena,


57. Woman with Parasol in the Surf, 58. Banana Slug, 59. I am friendly, no really I am, 60. Reflections of Las Palmas, 61. Floppy Jumping, 62. Young Men and the Sea, 63. Watching Photographers at Moss Landing, 64. No Parking,


65. At Home Aug 14, 2005: Nacho Cat, 66. Baptism at Lake Roberts, 67. Mount Shasta, California, 68. Tough Love?, 69. Sandia Crest Stone Structure, 70. Circular Tire Tracks on Highway 9, 71. Hurry to the Water's Edge, 72. Water Glowing in The Sand (Hidden People),


73. Low Tide and Sunset over Santa Cruz, CA, 74. Redwood Sorrel (Oxalis Oregana), 75. Fall Relections, 76. Brewer's Blackbird on Pacific Grove's Shoreline, 77. Marty the Marmot, 78. Good Fences Have No Neighbors, 79. Brewer's Blackbird- Iridescent Black on Pink


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