I'm a child of the Belgian coast and the Flemish Polders. It is reflected in much of my photography, whether it is about the sea, the long straight polder canals or the weather beaten trees bent by the Southwesterly winds.

The landscape in which I was born and raised, and where I still live today, is grand. It lets the eye travel to a far horizon which in turn invites to look further and seek new ones at home and abroad.

In search of new horizons I have traveled to Australia, Nepal, Canada and the United States. Traveling not only means new horizons. It also means experiencing deeper emotions. I capture these emotions in my images, which give them much more meaning than just being a recording of a landscape, a tree, a waterfall, the sea.

My photography is purely emotional.
I want to give my photos a soul, I want to capture the emotions I felt when I took the photo and show them in the processed image. Every photo is a reflection of my soul.

I don't know why I go on
I do not search for truth
I do not believe in it

But I believe in something
May be simply in the beauty of
the world which I wander
or in the will to live itself.

My website www.photoma.be
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My books are available on the internet at Blurb.com (see below)

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    Joaline (ON pour Jean-Marc! :-)))) says:

    "Yvette est une poétesse de l'image, une magicienne. De la délicatesse, du rêve se mêlent au réel d'une façon qui nous entraine toujours Plus loin dans un monde que l'on croirait onirique. Une artiste Moderne et parfois mélancolique qui cache une personne d'une grande générosité, comme en témoignent les commentaires qu'elle sême par ci par là..."

    January 31st, 2011

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    Héctor Guerra (working, working...and working.... says:

    "Después de ver miles y miles de fotos que tienen las de Yvette que gustan e impresionan tanto?

    Entiendo que hay muchos estilos de fotografiar. Hay fotografía que es descriptiva, informativa, expresiva, impresionista, y muchos más.....

    Cual es la de Yvette? Después de mucho meditarlo creo que aunque lo obvio sería decir que es paisajista con una fuerte carga artística y expresiva considero que es informativa y descriptiva. Ha inventado un nuevo género fotográfico, el fotoperiodismo-paisajístico. Aunque pueda parecer un disparate para mí está claro después de hacerme esta cuestión..... Sus fotos no son sólo una forma de expresión de la belleza sino que ella nos enseña la propia belleza que hay en cada cosa que fotografía. Es muy probable que si alguno de nosotros hiciera la misma foto en el mismo lugar y en el mismo momento no saldría igual. Es todo una cuestión de física moderna; "El observador desde que entra en escena modifica lo observado" y en este caso se hace más evidente que nunca. No sólo retrata algo, lo enseña como se le muestra....Es muy posible que esos paisajes maravillosos posen para ella y su admiración hacia ellos hacen que muestren su mejor cara para salir en la foto....

    Esta es la diferencia creo yo......

    Héctor Guerra"

    December 29th, 2010

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    Nick J Stone says:

    "One of my favourite black and white landscape artists on Flickr. A highly recommended photostream to watch."

    October 31st, 2010

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    "I'm happy to know Yvette as one of my closest Flickr friends.
    Her classic works full of romantism and deep emotions are superior technically and esthetically.
    Keep admiring us with your gorgeous world of highest class photography my dear!

    Always yours,
    Kisses from Texas Gulf!"

    May 25th, 2010

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    saggiscorpio says:

    "I have only had a short time (about 3 months) with her during her visit here in Nepal. But I must say, those are one of my best moments... Being with Yvette and sharing the knowledge is something I always admire about her. She is so generous, helpful, kind, soft hearted person who always thinks about the betterment of others...

    I always wished so far to have her guidance in my bit of a photography talent. which is nourished by her comments and care for me. I got lot of motivation from her to keep on going with photography and we shared some of the great moments working or walking together in Nepal. And non the least in Bruges.

    It was great to be with her..."

    April 15th, 2010

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    William Charles Cross says:

    "I have found in Yvette's artistic world that delicate balance of the fine artistic eye and excellent technical achievement that gives rise to moments of sublime meditation. She is among the finest B&W practitioners I have encountered on Flickr. And she gives that little bit extra to find literary quotes that add to the viewing experience.

    This is a beautiful site abounding with creativity. Thank you, Yvette--for all of it."

    April 22nd, 2010

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    Ifty Amin says:

    "I know nobody else who can match Yvette's diversity of subject matter with her infallibly perfect treatment of it. Absolutely no one has her gift for pushing photographic horizons with flawless taste, and very, very few people have her eye, either.

    I feel it truly an honour to have her as a flickr friend, and an inspiration, always."

    November 14th, 2009

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    Paulo Lucic* says:

    "You are the best!"

    October 23rd, 2009

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    nlwirth says:

    "Yvette-- whether she is photographing the wild eyed innocence of a smiling child, a beautiful canal running through an old European city, or the sweeping beauty of a landscape-- has a wonderfully expressive and poetically touching sense of the soul of the human spirit. Indeed, her work reflects the very human experience of interacting with all that is around us-- and she never fails to connect with whatever the subject that interests her might be-- and her excellent technical skills deliver wondrous new photos over and over again. I have never met Yvette in person, but her work reveals that she is a warm and kindhearted soul, one that always offers a generous and encouraging comment when she visits one of your photos! Always a pleasure to see your wonderful work, Yvette!"

    September 29th, 2009

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    hajlana says:

    "Yvettes creations are filled with lots of love and devotion..jáime beacoup.
    It doesn´t leave anyone untouched cause it is contaggious with warm feelings of beauty.
    Her portraits are intime and poetic.
    I like them cause they make me smile...
    Nature inner spirits comes out excellent in her amazing images.
    Life is beautiful looking at her art.
    An elegant couple dances in the middle of her photostream...passion..wuuaw!
    Light and contrastes are superb.
    What can I say her work is pure light, joy and serenity.
    Best wishes..may all good things cross your way!
    Huuugs fr Helena"

    August 29th, 2009

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    amarti1270 says:

    "Yvette has a unique style that reminds me of Robert Doisneau, many of her images are pure romance and simply capture the essence of her subjects. I think that one of the most difficult things to accomplish as a photographer is to create a personal style without limiting your subject matter. She accomplishes this balance without question. The range of photography subjects is a testament to her talent and vision, I am inspired by her photography and I invite you to see her vision in photography and be inspired as well."

    July 15th, 2009

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    Khider... says:

    "Une artiste authentique. Beaucoup de sensibilité et une immense diversité de style. Photographe humaniste, elle laisse aisément déduire à travers ses photos un grand appel à la nature et surtout à la tolérance. La série du Népal en est la preuve."

    July 10th, 2009

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    rayzr55 says:

    "Simply put ...Yvette's compassion is very hard for her to hide.
    It shows in her words, deeds and is truly most visible on flickr with the generosity of her photographs. Thank you Yvette"

    July 8th, 2009

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    kate053 says:

    "Une galerie d'une tres grande beauté - Des photos à couper le souffle!!
    Yvette, une Artiste
    Merci -

    June 9th, 2009

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    Sudarsan Tamang says:

    "I met her on flickr. Since then, everytime I open my page, I make it a point to have a peek into her photo stream. Even though our approaches to photography are slightly different, her works inspire me a great deal! No doubt a great photographer, given her inclinations towards social causes, she seems to be a kind hearted person too.

    Best Wishes to her from hills of Darjeeling, India."

    May 29th, 2009

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    galevine2 says:

    "I have been in love with Yvette's photography since the first time I saw one of her images. She has to be among the top artists on Flickr. Her images call for you to look and look again, whether they are children, the elderly, rich or poor. It's simply photography at its finest! I'm so happy that I found this photostream and I truly look forward to seeing more images!"

    May 23rd, 2009

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    nondesigner59 says:

    " A highly talented photographer who is able to capture and stir up such intense and powerful emotions in one split second of time, her pictures shout at you in a way that a thousand words just can not match.
    Pure Photojournalism at it's best, the images return to my thoughts long after viewing to amaze me anew. It is a Privilege to view Yvette's images and would happily recommend them to all"

    April 9th, 2009

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    dive-angel (Karin) says:

    "Yvette was one of my very first contacts at photoblog. Now I am happy to have her here on flickr. Her photos are simply amazing and they will always fascinate me. Now I just hope to meet her one day.
    Thanks for everything Yvette!"

    March 19th, 2009

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    tomwarland says:

    "A fantastic photographer with the perfect eye when it comes to caputring the essence of human existance."

    February 17th, 2009

Yvette Depaepe
January 2009
Bruges, Belgium
I am:
Female and Single
Pre-retired grandmom