Chris, bakes, bartends, blogs, walks dogs, woofs at Bears, makes a lovely wedding gift, slices & dices, lifts & separates, cooks in only seconds, bends, folds, mutilates, dances, prances, soars, bores, snores, files, piles, dials, kneads reeds and beads, floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, pickles prickly peppers, sells sea shells with Suzy by the sea shore, chucks wood with woodchucks, lifts stains effortlessly, is new AND improved, is the brother of three, the uncle of five, the father of none, and a direct descendant of a guy named Lazard.

And, yes, I'm one of those jerks with a blog... but I don't have much to say, so it's not really that great. Just a place to post funny things.

I do have another blog where I post (kinda) dirty phots of men... lovely, lovely men...

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April 2006
Castro Valley, CA
SF Bay Area, USA! USA! USA!
I am:
Male and Single