Just-on-6ft blonde - country bred Kiwi girl - brought up on a kiwi orchard in paradise - my country home in new Zealand is filled with family art and history - 2 x beautiful nieces - 2 x older siblings. Extremely open – warm hearted – artistic – individual – global - optimistic – musical – a little bit eccentric – needs "alone thinking time" - thinks too much - confident – independent – sensitive - hard working – strong - loves to socialise with humans/animals - needs to escape the city – plays the guitar – piano (classical and jazz) – flute - enjoys bikram yoga. Favourite sounds for my ears varies widely as the weather – JAZZ - Billie holiday - al green - led zeppelin – the Beatles – the white stripes - Corinne bailey Rae - death cab for cutie - Dionne Warwick - dusty Springfield –western sign Aquarius – eastern sign Dog.

Degree in Bachelor of Visual Arts and majored in photography currently work as a Compliance officer in one of the longest running stock brokers in London, right in the heart of the city. 95% men. 99% of the time my mind is off the financial track entirely and thinking about art but working in this environment everyday for me brings a new experience I never ever thought I would experience having come from the other side of the tracks in terms of career options. My artistic mind here in the city is not only appreciated but wanted and needed – the city is evolving. To work I wear a bright purple hat with a multi coloured flower made from felt on the side which I found in the most gorgeous little market in Berlin and instead of a stuffy black coat I wear an avocado green chunky knit jumper. I smile at people listening to my music walking down the street.

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Helen Muir
March 2005
Te Puke, New Zealand
I am:
Female and Taken
Compliance Officer