Jenna Lynn Peters.

I don't get on here much anymore :(

i love photography.

i love who i am&im never going to change for anyone.

when i find a song that fits my situation i cant stop listeing to it. I love messages. <3 Please don't take my pictures.


"Life; doesn't hurt until you stop to think about it, How many things have changed,

All that you've lost, Everyone that you've left behind; And how much of it was your fault.

You, can live with the regret's, or you can just forget; & runn.

But, when there's no where eles to run to; Come back to where it all started."

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Photos of jenna lynn(:


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glistening scene (deleted)


February 2, 2010

wow - where to start? amazing amazing amazing. not only is the photography beautiful, jenna girl, you're freaking gorgeous. ♥

August 4, 2009
Danielle says:

Jenna lynn is a great photographer!!! her pics are awesome!! keep it up, :Danielle

June 10, 2009

jenn is great at taking pictures. she has great pictures of nature and of course her self!

May 15, 2009

Totalllly awesome and cool!!!!! add her as a buddy fo sho!!!! :] amazinggg

April 8, 2009
Erin says:

I love Jenna!!! She is awesome and takes amazing pictures with her camera that almost died :) (She put her memory card in the washing machine) Jenna is really random, just like me xD aren't we so alike? -Erin/ Foxxy Erin

February 24, 2009