I am an amateur photographer who enjoys all things natural and/or wild.


I post my images online so that others may enjoy them. In my view, a photo not shared with others may as well have not been taken.


All of the images in my Flickr photostream are the copyright of Alan Vernon.


Some of my images are copyrighted with "all rights reserved". These image files may be purchased at a reasonable price from The Getty Institute.


The vast majority of my images are provided with a Creative Commons license namely "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike" . This means that you may use any of those specific images, but only under the conditions of the Creative Commons license. In particular, attribution shall be to “Alan Vernon”, and shall be so marked on, or adjacent to, each and every specific image of mine, no matter whether the image is shown alone, or shown amongst images from other sources. For full particulars on the Creative commons license see creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

Since these downloadable flickr images are moderate resolution images, suitable for online applications, please also provide the link to the specific image on my flickr page, and not just to my photostream or home page.

If you do use one of my images, please let me know at "alnrozv@yahoo.com". I get great satisfaction out of seeing my images used and consequently enjoyed by an even larger group of people. I would also enjoy seeing your work and how the image was used.


The downloadable images available under the Creative Commons license are of moderate resolution intended for on-line use. For print purposes, a high resolution image can be provided by contacting me at alnrozv@yahoo.com


I'm thrilled that you enjoy my images. Please visit my Flickr website frequently.

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