I’m a long time Seattle art photographer whose work has primarily focused on the human figure. Through my love of photography and my family’s love of LEGO, I have been drawn into the quirky world of toy photography

Over the course of nearly five years of continuous toy photography, I’ve fallen in love with my yellow, 4 cm tall, plastic friends. My aim is to reveal the secret world of these toys and along the way tell a few stories. Some of these stories might be true, or at the very least, they will feel familiar. I hope that my images will remind you that there is still magic in the world.


In addition to creating images with toys, I write about toy photography at ToyPhotographers.com, I’m a LEGO Ambassador and a recognized G+ Creator. I also lead toy photography ‘safari’s’ locally and nationally. If you’re interested in purchasing an image, I can be contacted at sjcorbett@mac.com

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