I welcome you to an evolving 'stream of natural history stories and education outreach. My terra firma and outdoor interests moved North of 60 several decades ago. I tend to move Favorite'd images along so please feel no need to reciprocate. If I have fav'd an image from you, there is often another viewpoint alongside or elsewhere in my Favorites. Come see?

flickr's breadth, depth and search engine yields the best art + science + travel images on this planet, bar none. I'm like a baby bird with mouth agape on the world's largest photocache
_now fledged into a collector_ of gaian-sized themes. I'm up to 3 dozen Galleries with 1-in-3 having more than 1000 views. Scroll down for a world tour or two?

Breaking thru 3/4 million views from contacts, educators and visitors. My amateur photography is posted Creative Commons except for images with persons or artwork.
My free flight pix are migrating to worthy causes which suits me just fine.
A doff of my toque to the dedicated volunteers of Wikipedia.

To delve into flickr is to embrace Gaia. Members at large within this website's 'public republic' are folks who care to share. There are so many outdoorsy folks, nature photogs, cavers, hikers, climbers and globetrotters to tag along with. Thank you! all.


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  • Maybe Some Oil? by subarcticmike
  • Rockhounding at Pine Point by subarcticmike
  • Filter Your Water by subarcticmike

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Mike Beauregard
October 2008
a rolling stone
Nunavut, Canada