Yukio Kevin Iraha's goal in life had always been to be creative. His work may or may not be easily understood, but his art tells a story. It is a collections of stories from the past. His sources of inspiration include cultural anecdotes, history, and folk tales. Yukio Kevin Iraha then mixes those ideas with personal experiences and his imagination. The outcome may be abstract, concrete or illustrative. Some ideas come from watching comedy shows, particularly from the silent film era, which he believes is a source of stress relief. His recent endeavor is a series of comic strips, "Nine Bits." This is a series of mischievous episodes about nine ghosts haunting a cafe owner, Mr Az. The strip was based on one of Iraha's paintings, "A Ghosts of Funnies Revisited, " which is a memorial depiction of a nine deceased children, lined up, dressed in clown outfits.


Yukio Kevin Iraha has a degree in Fine Art and has shown paintings through out United States and Japan. He has also worked in the commercial art field as well. He has shown art to some publications and has done commission work. Acrylic is his medium, but he has used objects like antique wood or papermache for sculputres. As online world has become widely accept form of communications, he has developed and created website to expand ideas. He regularly updates and has been shown new work on his official site, www.yukiokeviniraha.com.


His art is eclectic and ethereal but his integrity never fails in both the creating and outcome of the pieces. He clearly believes there is a line between fraud and true artform. He says,"I try to express myself in art. I don't make art to please people and even there maybe mistakes in pieces. But one thing I won't do is to show art knowlingly it's distasteful."

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