I'm a total nerd.

All the pictures in this site have the common thread of seeing the diversity and wonder of the universe around us.

I have processed spacecraft images of our nearby planets and moons to try and highlight something of meaning. I'm a big fan of pseudocolor to extend our spectral range. Coordination and overlays of two spectral ranges can reveal subtle similarities and differences. Many of the pseudocolorized image of Titan combine the infrared image (ISS[0.93 um]) with the RADAR brightness. ISS imaging gives straight IR reflectivity, while RADAR indicates surface roughness, dielectric constant, or fluffy materials (volume scattering). The combination of both can indicate areas that are dark and smooth or rough and bright. (And also dark and rough and bright and smooth.)

The other project on this page is photographing the types of plants, animals, and fungi all within the confines of my backyard. My backyard is a typical wooded area in the Piedmont region of North America. While typical, it is amazing when you try to catalog it just how much diversity of life is just outside our doorstep.

If you wish to repost any of these images, please include the full image credits. Feel free to include a link to this flickr site.

I hope you enjoy the images.


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