I've been taking pictures for twenty plus years, but only recently began calling myself a photographer when I realized my vision was in 35 mm. Since I am out of the country almost 4 months of the year, I am primarily a travel photographer, but I love shooting people and activities on the street and in people's homes. Friends describe me as fearless in approaching people and asking to take their picture. I also enjoy photographing in stealth mode, but because I am a people person, I love the interaction. My approach is that a photographer must respect his or her subject so that the subject can develop trust. Although I have taken some courses and workshops, I'm pretty much self taught, reading as much as I can and practicing with every shot. I enjoy looking at others' photographs, both in terms of education as well as enjoyment. I shoot with Sony equipment and post-process primarily in Lightroom with some Photoshop, if needed. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is filled with outstanding photographers

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