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I have a minor in photography from my undergraduate days and occasionally I think of taking a few art classes to help me with creativity. I haven't done that yet but its certainly a possibility. I believe that creativity is the component that sets an image apart from all the others. Anyone can become proficient at the technical side of photography but it takes a lot more work to master the creative side.

Currently I enjoy doing themed photo shoots with my husband. We brainstorm to come up with a theme and then use models, make-up, wardrobe, props, and sets to achieve our vision. I also do images as a form of lighting exercise and experimentation. And I find that photography can be a stress reducer as well.

I'm a Nikon shooter and currently use a D7000 (with 18-200 mm lens) and a D3100 (usually with a 50 mm 1.8 lens). I use a variety of lighting set-ups ranging from natural light to multiple flashes with various modifiers. I used to use CLS faithfully and loved it but recently my husband and I decided to pool our flashes and use radio triggers. He shoots Olympus and I shoot Nikon but with radio triggers we can use all our flashes together no matter which brand they are. We have found that this is much more efficient when doing themed photo shoots.

EDIT: We still pool our flashes for outdoor shoots but now we have a studio and use studio lighting. We have two Alien Bee 800's and one Einstein. In the studio I like using a two light setup with large diffused umbrellas but we just recently acquired a softbox with grid for use with the studio lights as well.

I found that my photography really began to grow when I started using models with hair/makeup done. I feel like my images began to take on a more professional look and I can't say enough how much I love the collaboration.

We've only had the studio for a short time and we absolutely love it! It's a little different from the typical photography studio since we don't make our living there. We both do portrait work as it comes along and rent the studio out for other photographers to use. But the really fun thing is when we have group photo shoots. We set up a theme, bring in a model, hire a hair/makeup artist, then invite other photographers to the group shoot (for a fee of course). We provide icy cold drinks and snacks for the shoot and everyone has a great time. Wouldn't trade this for anything!!

I worked for a while on putting out a magazine with a business partner and then just recently decided to branch out on my own. I've created a magazine called Lumina B&W and its for photographers to get their work published. There's a monthly theme and anyone can submit images pertaining to the theme. The images can be still life, models, portraits, landscape, composite, editorial, pets, glamour, fashion, etc. Any genre will be considered for publication as long as it pertains to the theme and is good quality. I'm so excited about this!! And I'm hoping to get a lot of participation from Flickr members.

So........have fun looking thru my photostream and if you have any questions about anything, feel free to send me a flickr-mail. Happy shooting! :)

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