Hair for the Gulf

In the summer of 2010 I collected and donated hair for booms, for Gulf clean-up efforts. Click on the photo to learn more.

Covenant Covers, Then and Now

My six-volume Deviations Series (Covenant, Appetite, Destiny, Bloodlines, TelZodo, and Second Covenant, respectively), can be downloaded for free at my Deviations webpage, Smashwords, and Manybooks.

Elissa Malcohn's Deviations and Other Journeys

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What people are saying about the Deviations series

"If you are looking for something different with a great story line, I would suggest reading these books. They are very well written and draw the reader into the story, possibly against their will."—Rachel Baker, Old Musty Books

"This is a dark series with a hidden deeper meaning. Malcohn's books are a look at the world we live in. This is not an easy read but it is an important read.... Reading the Deviations series is time well spent."—Debra, at Goodreads

"Rather than stuff judgments of right and wrong down the reader's throat, Malcohn asks questions, and leads the reader to find his own answers. Further, she develops the ideas of right and wrong from her characters' points of view, and the points of view of her various cultures. ... Get the whole series, and allot a large chunk of time for reading them, because once you pick them up you won't want to put them down."—Windborn, at HubPages

"[T]he social commentary that is woven throughout the story is thought provoking and makes you reevaluate what you think you know about yourself and society at large."—Lakisha S, at Manybooks

"If you're looking for a tale that clearly defines good guys and bad guys, this is not your read. But if you're looking for a story filled with immense heart, rich character development, vivid world building and -oh, by the way- is nothing short of great, old fashioned storytelling, you cannot do better than Malcohn's 'Deviations' series."—K.L. Nappier, at Manybooks

"The series is really good. While reading, I could see myself in the story. It was almost as if I could feel, smell, and touch the other characters. That has not happened for me in a novel in quiet a while."—David Bennett, at Smashwords

"Read this book. Do read this book....There are echoes here of the impact of modern imperialism in the 'real' world. Malcohn's World is also, of course, our own post-imperial, war-torn world in a era of dawning austerity."—apidi, at Manybooks

"Love this book [Covenant] and the entire series."—Ian, at, Manybooks

"Loved this series. Really takes you to a different place. Not for the faint of heart. Once I read the first one....I had to read the rest!"—holbritter, at Manybooks

"The world is rich, believable and consistent. The situation is brimming with potential. And I, for one, have never read anything quite like it."—Scott T. Barnes, editor, New Myths

What people are saying about Covenant

"Without sensationalized graphic violence or the glamorized pornography of pulp romance novels, Ms. Malcohn achieves what good science fiction/fantasy is intended to do. She has created a believable world, with characters with whom you can empathize, in a good story that is well and eloquently told ....I give Deviations: Covenant five stars out of five."—David Roth, Examiner

"I give this one an enthusiastic recommendation. Interesting characters, interesting moral quandary, and lots of responses to it. I was expecting one of two easy answers, but Malcohn quite bravely avoided them both....Well worth full paperback price, and I'm quite glad to have it for free."—Bard Bloom, on LiveJournal

"Rich character development and fascinating central conflict quickly addict the reader to this story....the moral issues are so compelling, so thought-provoking, you'll thank the author for presenting this perspective."
—Lady Emily, Redbud Book Club

"Take Ms. Elissa Malcohn ... whose novel Covenant shows some killer talent, and reminds this reader of that paragon of science fiction and fantasy: Robert Silverberg; and her oeuvre doesn't stop there."
—Julianne Draper, Examiner

"This novel is the first in a projected series, and there is definitely enough material for series of books, series of movies, television series, fan-fic, etc. ... I recommend the novel and the author."
—Jean Roberta, in her blog

"This book is a must read for any literary enthusiast. Elissa does a wonderful job in creating this world where the Masari and Yata live in this symbiotic relationship that is based upon ritualistic cannibalism (hence the term Covenant). In spite of the subject matter the novel is not some horrific blood bath, but a thoughtful look into the relationship between these two people groups. This balance that was created by the Covenant to preserve both races is threatened by forces from outside and within their own hearts to free themselves of this enslavement to their DNA and ecology, but may lose their societies should it be successfully destroyed. As heart wrenching as the Covenant is, extinction is worse. Join this journey of faith, doubts, heroic actions, and questionable ethics as this saga is played out upon the backdrop of this primordial world where anything can happen..."
Glenda Finkelstein, in her blog

"This is just the kind of book I like: too good to put down, but when it's over, you wish there were more and are sorry to see it end ..."
—Gypsy Wynd, on Amazon

"Malcohn has built a very interesting and very well developed central conflict, and the development of the story is second to none..."
—Alan Petrillo, on Amazon

"The author's tone coaxes and guides the reader to judge the ethics of the situation instead of dictating right and wrong. Without revealing the surprising plot, I can say that the story had me creeped out at first, in the way many vampire novels do. But it has a much higher path to it. It's so well-written that once you're caught up in the action, you can't put the book down."
—FatChickDancing, on Amazon

"This novel is, in a word, riveting."
L.W. Rogers

My website lists more published/forthcoming work and other reviews.

Other places where I hang out:
"Chronicles from Hurricane Country," an all-purpose blog; and The Deviations Journey on Blogspot

My introduction to digital photography came via the low-end, inexpensive, limited, and immensely fun Argus DC1500, which I used in several collages posted here and which produced my icon photo.

My software tools include MS Paint and MS Photo Editor (which came with my computer), PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat. I do not have Photoshop or its close cousins -- at least, not yet.

I now also use a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6, which continues to amaze me. Unless stated otherwise and unless taken before 2005, all the non-collage photos come from the Z6.

Learning as I go along and having a blast....

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