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  • Puff up! They hate it when you puff up. by i_am_durin
  • Cooper's Hawk. by i_am_durin
  • Cooper's hawk by i_am_durin
  • Cooper's Hawk. by i_am_durin
  • Lilly by i_am_durin
  • Dunno? by i_am_durin
  • Pruning or Preening? by i_am_durin
  • Fierce by i_am_durin
  • some bird by i_am_durin
  • Robin by i_am_durin
  • IMG_8300 by i_am_durin
  • Great Egret Sunrise by i_am_durin

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    tightfisted cars says:

    "Steve's photography is truly special. His keen eye for spotting and capturing wildlife never ceases to amaze me. Each picture is like a window into another world...the world of an insect, the world of a frog, or other special creature...It makes us aware of the creatures that live around us in a special way. Plus, Steve takes seriously the quality of his work and each shot really testifies to his skill. Keep up the great work Steve! :)"

    June 20th, 2008

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    retro_seventies says:

    "Steve is an incredibly talented photographer, and a great guy. When i approached him regarding his images, to be used in a new exhibit at the San Antonio Zoo, he was very generous with his work, and our new exhibit will be much easier on the eye because of that. Some of the best macro shots that have seen, and he has a real gift for wildlife photography."

    February 24th, 2008

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    Stylurus says:

    "Steve helped spur my interest photographing a variety of subjects including herps. Of course, I doubt that I'll ever carry the variety and size of lenses he carries, but then you can see the difference in the quality of our photos."

    January 19th, 2008

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    EcoSnake says:

    "Steve's pictures are exceptional, but all who view them know that. What an incredible perception of wildlife and nature - It's a new adventure everytime Steve post a photo. Great work!"

    November 16th, 2007

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    Nori Almeida says:

    " Fantastic photograph of the wild life, friend and always made use to help with tips."

    August 18th, 2007

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    Pia's birdseye view says:

    "Great photos on a variety of motives. Especially the bird pix makes my head spin. Steve is also full of humor and it is always fun to read his text to his photos and/or comments on others pix and/or if you're lucky enough to get mail from him. Thanks for all the sharing!"

    July 11th, 2007

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    Zunzuncito says:

    "A great guy, talented photographer, but can't hold his own in a drinking contest."

    January 19th, 2007

Steve Hamilton
January 2007
Simsbury, CT
Pittsfield, MA, USA
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