Photography has always fascinated me and I have been in and out of the hobby over the years. What really revitalized my interest was the advent of digital photography. Initially just the fact that it was so forgiving and did not require an upfront cost to view results won me over. My interests are fairly wide but what I truly enjoy is being outdoors and capturing nature in general (wildlife, water and or landscapes). I am fortunate to have so much to see in the Province of Ontario and through sharing on Flickr to view pictures from around the globe.


I remember in my early years thinking that anyone can take a picture and that is certainly true given the extension of the camera to phones and other electronic devices, However I have come to truly appreciate the exceptional talent of so many photographers that have the gift of seeing what so many of us take for granted, turning it into a spectacular image, through the use of lighting, depth and colors.


I still have so much to learn and at times wonder why I bother when I see images that others have shared….but I am persistent and will use any feedback that is provided my way. Hope you enjoy browsing my photostream or sets.

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