Angel & Mariel are naturalist, professional birding guides and mentors to young birders. They have a special interest in nocturnal bird migration, specializing in radar ornithology. During spring and fall they share radar images documenting bird migration and predict birding conditions across Florida at As a result they have become amateur meteorologists, spending countless amounts of time looking at weather models, weather patterns and wind charts in search of answers to questions about where birds are headed and where the next “fallout” may occur. Look out for their presentations and workshops at birding and wildlife festivals across Florida.

In 2013 they joined the Nikon Optics ProStaff team to help spread the word that Birding is Awesome. Also in 2013 they set their eyes on creating South Florida's first young birders club and in 2014 the South Florida Young Birders Club became a reality! They strive to pass on their knowledge of birds and the ecosystems that surround South FL to young up and coming birders and naturalists.

As they always say -- Nature is Awesome!

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