The Universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper 1862-1960 Eden Phillpotts.
My own french translation :
L'univers est plein de choses magiques attendant patiemment que nous soyons assez intelligents pour les percevoir.
(Phillpotts english writer indian by his father)
or to make it short : Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it
I can't reciprocate with people adding me as a contact since i think i have already enough to follow, but i can put them in my fav shots so that to be able to find them easily if need be
Je n'ajoute plus de contacts à ma liste assez importante. On ne peut suivre les photos de tout le monde, par contre je les ajouterai à mes fav afin de pouvoir les retrouver si besoin est. I try to post videos for people interested in more infos and details with most photos
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page (St Augustine 5th AD)
Le monde est un livre et ceux qui ne voyagent pas n'en lisent qu'une page. (St Augustin 5ème siècle)
Another one i like from a french novelist Joël Egloff there are 2 essentials persons in this world, the midwife & the gravedigger. One welcomes, the other escorts you. In-between people must manage by themselves (my translation)
Une autre citation du romancier Joël Egloff . Il y a deux personnes indispensables en ce bas monde, la sage-femme et le fossoyeur, entre les deux les gens se débrouillent
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