I walk the hills around our home in Hong Kong and most of my photography is casual and unplanned. I walk, I observe and I take pictures. I do not move things for better photos. Where I walk the habitat is often shaded or in the clouds, with shooting confined to paths and open, clean images the exception and a rare bonus. I am more interested in diversity than aesthetics these days as I contribute to the citizen science database iNaturalist.


I process most of my RAW files in Lightroom Classic. I also decided to invest in a decent set of diffusers for my old Canon twin flash. I ordered the diffusers from Ian McConnachie. They work extremely well although I have yet to establish whether they will tolerate the rough treatment I tend to give my kit. I shoot with whatever seems right on the day - Fuji, Canon, Leica, Olympus - I own something of each and I am completely brand indifferent.


I am widely travelled (all 7 continents) and hopefully widely read. But my biggest pleasure is family and in particular our granddaughter. Age is catching up with me - no more big 800mm lenses and tripods. I still do a bit of work and photography is no more than a pastime. If you enjoy any of my images that is a bonus as I shoot entirely for my own pleasure and record keeping. Thank you for reading.

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