I'm an amateur photographer living and working near the center of Cambridge, UK.


This flickr account is mainly for showing off my work to others and for allowing a slightly wider audience to find my photos.


Some of my work is made available under a Creative Commons license and some I maintain more restrictive copyright on. If you'd like to use my work for a purpose which it's not currently licensed for then feel free to contact me, I'm usually happy to grant much more general permissions on a case-by case basis.


If you do use my work or even simply enjoy it then please let me know, it's nice to know how people are using my photos and the occasional comment never hurts.

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James is one of those people I envy - he walks around, and sees fantastical shots in what I would call the mundane. He takes the ordinary, and turns it into a thing of beauty. He also has an uncanny knack for seeing the extraordinary, where most of us would miss it. A true artist.

September 28, 2009