My name is D Coetzee and I'm a software developer in the virtual reality field in the San Francisco Bay Area. Digital photography is a hobby, particularly available-light unstaged photos. Portraits are my favorite but I shoot all sorts of things including architecture, scenes, objects, aerial, and landscapes. I used to shoot for Wikipedia where I had a big documentary photography focus.


I had a D800 which was stolen in late 2015, after which I didn't shoot with a DSLR until I replaced it in 2017 with a D750. So far, I love my D750 - it has most of the same resolution as the D800, but superior low-light capabilities (really can see in the dark and turns night into day) and wifi and on-camera raw processing, among other nice stuff.




Except where the image description states otherwise, all of my photos are granted into the public domain under the CC0 waiver ( and I release all rights to them. No attribution is expected or required, although you may provide it if you wish.


Some images on my stream are taken by others using my equipment. Unless stated otherwise in the image description, these images have also been released under CC0 according to the following license statement which I have secured from them:


"I agree to waive all rights to any past or future photographs taken using D Coetzee's Nikon D800 camera body (serial number 3027323) or D Coetzee's Canon PowerShot S100 under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 waiver. I understand that this will allow them to be used by any entity for any purpose without prior permission or attribution."


A few of my uploads are derivative works published without permission. These will be marked as "All rights reserved" and are not permissible to reuse without the permission of the author of the original work.

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