I'm male and taken (since 1968 - and she's still a beautiful mystery), I enjoy my family and riding the planet with people who see that the whole and the part perpetually recreate each other.

Have you ever seen the way light spills and dances and plays over the surface of rippling water on a sunny day? I once made an abstract image - I called it "SunSpill" - of such a scene. It was one of my favorites and came to mind when I chose my first Flickr screen name, Light2spill, which I later changed to Light2shine for reasons of, um, clarity.

"Every body placed in the luminous air spreads out in circles and fills the surrounding space with infinite likenesses of itself and appears all in all." (Leonardo da Vinci)

"....Dream of a bright tomorrow
Know that your dream will come true
Carry your dream in a sparkling crystal jar
Then you will know the kind of gift you are....."
(John Denver)

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    talkingplant says:

    "I have had the privlidge of seeing light2spill develop as a photographer for over 30 years (yes pun intended). He gave me my start in photography and has led by example throughout my life, both behind the lens and otherwise.
    I have been enchanted by his photos for as long as I can remember and can only say thanks. For everything.
    Oh, and take more pictures. Never stop.

    Talking Plant
    [full disclosure, light2spill is my da]"

    May 22nd, 2006

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    newlight2 says:

    "This wonderful man see's the world through a true photographer's eye. I've admired his photographs for years-- from 35 mm, to large format, to digital. He sees what I do not, but shares so that everyone can enjoy! Thank you my love!"

    May 23rd, 2006

March 2006
I am:
Male and Taken