Opinions expressed by me (or perceived by you) do not necessarily reflect those of anyone but me.

After a long lull in personal photography, I was encouraged by a friend to join Flickr and start shooting again. Her support and artistic inspiration changed my life for the better. Live large and create. Write, paint, dance, build things, make pictures, music and create joy; in the end, your only regrets will be if you didn't. Don't die with that regret. Really.


The fine print:

Much of my work on Flickr is published under the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY license. Images licensed under the CC BY license may be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon with in the bounds of the license. The Creative Commons license does not imply or grant a talent or model release. Contact me for specifics for an image involving identifiable humans or private property.

A few of the images have a Copyright (C), with all rights reserved. Please do not appropriate my property for any purpose. Contact me for use of Copyrighted (C) images.

Do not use my images for hate speech of any kind. I herby revoke my license for any of my images used to degrade, demean or insult any individual person, group of people, ethnicity, gender identify, political affiliation, race, creed, nationality, religion or faith.

The pictures I've taken in my official duties as an employee of the U. S. Government are in the public domain, but certain uses are limited. According to Federal law, "DoD imagery will not portray, implicate or otherwise imply endorsement by the Department of Defense for any commercial product or service." These images may be freely republished for artistic, documentary, educational, commentary and editorial uses. Most of these restrictions are enforceable internationally.

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    HelenHates Peas says:

    "I found Bob at the beginning of the year after searching on flickr for random words to see what they generated. The word that led me to Bob was 'Snowglobe' and delivered this image:


    After pausing to digest the humour in his self portrait, I browsed his stream, and it has now become part of the daily routine for me. Never dull, and always a real-life window into life in Sacramento interspersed now and again with the more surreal 'Bobs Dreams' series.

    Life is a key theme in Bobs stream, the images are as he found them, a snapshot of his day, usually backed up with a statement or explaination in the description to give some sort of background to the image.

    On a personal note, I find Bob to be incredibly humble about his own work and yet incredibly complimentary about everyone else, I trust his judgement and his wisdom. His advise is always spot on.
    Its finding people like Bob that make places like Flickr just that little bit more exciting :)"

    May 8th, 2010

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    Skelekitty (Krissi Sandvik) says:

    "Robert Couse-Baker has the sensibilities of Mr. America while maintaining the dry wit of Monty Python's Flying Circus. His photographs capture a world that few of us see although it is right before our eyes every day, and the "Bob's Dream" and other photomanipulations are true Art (with a capital "A")."

    August 13th, 2009

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    AnnaBanana16 says:

    "I'm actually surprised that there aren't thousands, okay, dozens, of testimonials about Bob. He is obviously an incredibly talented photographer, with a really funny sense of humor. He adores his family and is very, very good at his job. And that doesn't even cover it. He is a primo human being."

    February 19th, 2009

Robert Couse-Baker
August 2008
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Sacramento, California
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