I shouldn't have to say this, but if you ask to be a frieind/family, but haven't added me as the same, have no photos available to me, why on earth should I add you?? I will assume your 1000+ friends are more than enough to keep you busy.

My "private" photos are just that, please don't download and repost. Thanks too everyone who watches out for me and reports it.
I'm so far past 18 I can't remember it.

before you as me to pal you, check yourself. If you only have photos from the web, or haven't unlocked your own photos, why should I add you? How do I know you won't just steal my stuff?
If your profile has nothing, or 5000 words and you have 1000 pals, and you haven't even left me a single comment, why should I believe I would be anything special to you?

PLEASE feel free to make positive comments/notes, I don't mind at all, I am here to share. I find it interesting to see what photos get viewed and don't I have some really awesome shots to my eye that seem to hardly get viewed.

I do not claim to be any kind of pro photographer. All I know is I have a good eye, and sometimes get a really nice photo. With few exceptions all my photos are by my own hand or tripod with timer. The rest are usually historic captures I feel should be shared/remember/honored.

If you want to know anything just ask. politiely.

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    Minnesota Fun says:

    "Dan is a wonderful and genuine man. We have been f&f on here for many years and he is never a one to disappoint. I'm proud to consider him a friend."

    September 20th, 2016

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    safewaytoby says:

    "hey dan , toby here, I just had to say hi and thx so much for letting us drool over all your splender ;)) appreciate the add gorgeous !!"

    September 1st, 2013

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    trimbody1 says:

    "One of the very few folk on here who comments and makes life on Flickr worthwhile.
    He is a great guy."

    July 31st, 2013

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    JulianInTulsa2 says:

    "Thanks for the Add, always glad to see other guys from my home state!"

    July 15th, 2013

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    Stefan S2 says:

    "Hi Dan, your pics and the comments are so great. I really love that.

    Hugs Stefan"

    April 2nd, 2013

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    UK Naturist (Paul Marrow) says:

    "Great Photostream, thanks for the add, it's a pleasure to friend you on Flickr."

    January 7th, 2013

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    optima2400 says:

    "Dude !"

    March 7th, 2011

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    MadeIn1953 says:

    "Thanks for the Friend add. You have some great outdoor photos!"

    November 10th, 2008

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