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I enjoy black and white photography. My first camera was a Pentax ME Super, which I got as a gift when I was 8 years old. I later acquired a Nikon N2000, followed by an N8008s. I eventually purchased a Nikon FM2 at a camera show. I had always aspired to having a Nikon F3, and eventually inherited one in 1994.


My transition to digital has been awkward. I started with an HP point and shoot, then an Olympus Ultrazoom. I eventually took the plunge and got my first DSLR, a Nikon D70s.


Since my passion has always been in show photography, I haven't been happy with digital because of the poor low-light sensitivity of the D70s. I'm currently shooting film on an F100, FM2, and an F3, usually with TMAX P3200. When the conditions are right, I'll shoot with the D70s and process in CS2.


I imagine a Nikon D300 will solve all my problems; maybe a D700 will be a better choice, I'm not sure yet.


I find myself going to fewer and fewer shows as time passes. I'm passing up shows I never could've imagined missing a few years ago. I've had some amazing opportunities to shoot bands, but there are still some bands I'd like to shoot.



Danzig or Samhain



Another shot at Jane's Addiction

Iggy Pop

Skinny Pup

Cramps (R.I.P.)

Sisters of Mercy

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