something i love about photography is that you get to suspend in time, your view of the world. with photos, i am able to share a part of myself with anyone who cares to take a look. i am able to share that feeling, or inspiration with others. i want people to able to "travel" with me when they look through my photos. photography to me, is a way to show others what my life and world is like.

i love to travel and exploring cities. my favorite things to photos of are of colorful objects, light fixtures, buildings, and of course my pets and friends! as you look through my photo stream, you will see photos from my travels.

my travel resume includes:
china: (hong kong, shanghai, beijing, xi'an, macao, kunming, da li, li jiang), taiwan: (kaosung, kenting), japan: (tokyo), france: (paris, marseille), italy: (milan, rome, lake cuomo), belgium: (brussels, brugge, damme), portugal: (libon, porto, coimbra), spain: (santiago, barcelona, ibiza), canada: (quebec, toronto, montreal), uk: (london, oxford), carribean: (bermuda, bahamas, peurto rico, turks & caicos), australia: (sydney), pi: (manila), egypt: (cairo, aswan, luxor, sharm el shiekh), and half of the states in the us.

i plan to travel everywhere and explore the world around me, documenting it with photos as i reach new, interesting and foreign lands :)

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July 2008
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