Some may also know me as "Ezechielle" on Legopirate or Eurobricks. My real name is Florent and I live in Belgium (you know? that little coutry without government...), though most of my family lives in France.

I am a fan of LEGO thanks to my mother who made me play with the little bricks since my childhood. I mostly build military-related stuff but I'm also a big City fan and builder, though most f my City-themed stuff is Africa or Central Asia-related. I would als like to build more Castle MOC's in the future...

Beyond LEGO, I'm a big music (metal -all kind-, posthardcore, classical, rock, electronica, etc.), litterature (History, philosophy, politics, actuality, novel, etc.) and cinema (no preferate genre) fan.

I also study Applied Ethics at the Free University of Brussel (Université Libre de Bruxelles).

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July 2008