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    Møuin.M► says:

    "How to start....
    I don't write testimonials just randomly except for a good friend or a great person with a great talent who has a real sense of photography.

    Many people think that they are the greatest photographers, just by showing their self portraits and/or by shooting models we can find them by hundreds of thousands here in Flickr, (you can think of that for a further ambitions lol) but we also find stuffs that sometimes don't concern explicitly our current life, but concern another dimension and here is a sufficient example.
    who wouldn't know what happens elsewhere? She gives us a very good example of an existing world that we can't unfortunately see it everyday, you have just to land here and to live that experience on you own.

    best wishes"

    July 23rd, 2009

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    ComputerHotline says:

    "Ohhh !! An astronomer !!!"

    November 21st, 2008

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Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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