I've been on fllickr for a couple of years, love the way it operates, and now I should say more about myself other than "male and taken".


My passion is the natural world and this is reflected in many of the photos that I take. Sometimes a bit boring because they are a picture of record. I don't have the time to be as creative as I would like, so I frequently won't wait for or create the perfect light or wait for that great story-telling moment. However I do my best within my environment and hope that at least a few of my captures are enjoyed by others.


There are so many good and interesting photographers' on this forum and I thank them for their postings and their comments and advice.


I left the corporate world many years ago and now create my own income in various areas, usually in activities where I can generate some passion for myself and my 'clients'. I lead nature-based walks and tours, I conduct wildlife (bird) surveys and I coach sports (Field Hockey and Track & Field). It is fun, keeps me busy and often allows me to indulge in some photography.


if anybody wishes to use any of these photographs please contact me first.


With a few exceptions I don't wish to join groups who request that you post their icons or who want comments on at least one other photo for each one that I post. I leave large numbers of comments when I wish to, which is most of the time.


Finally a small number of people add my photographs as faves but deny me access to theirs. In future those people will be denied access to mine and the same applies to people who have uploaded very few photos over a protracted period of time.




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