Grouchy, well traveled kind of guy that likes hiking and taking mediocre photos. Well... I'm not trying to take mediocre photos but I think that I've made some real strides since I started posting to Flickr.

Most if not all of my older photos are scans from color prints taken by either my old OM1 or OM2, so if there is some color cast to them then that maybe why. I've tried to clean up the scanned photos as much as possible but they are, in some instances, real basket cases. If you can't tell the difference between my digital and film photographs then I'll take that as a complement. On second thought, it might not be that much of a complement.

Anyhow, I'm not really trying to make too big of an impression here. Flickr, like college, only showed me just how much I don't know. Some of the photos I've seen from other people here have belittled me as much as they have impressed. I'm working on that though, and my therapist says that I'm making real progress.

One final thing here. From time to time I receive invites to join and/or post a photo to a certain group. This is generally fine as I view such an invitation as a complement. However, I will decline any invitation to those groups which are invitation only (elitist) or to those groups that require you to perform some sort of task such as commenting on other photos (jumping through hoops). Dougie don't play that game! So if you would like me to post an image to your group of choice, I am all but happy to do so as long as it doesn't fall into the a fore mentioned groups. Think before you invite because I do bite!

Why the name junmon603? It was June of 2003 (6/03) when I established an account with Yahoo. At the time I was living in central New Mexico. June in New Mexico is generally the hottest time of the year and at the time I was concocting a user name for myself I was also hoping for the monsoon season to start up early (in June vice July) and cool things down. Thus junmon (June monsoons) 603 (6/03).

I've received numerous invitations to join AARP despite being at least 10 years till I retire.

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISTP)

Your personality type is reserved, methodical, spirited, and intense.

Only about 6% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 8% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.

I couldn't agree more!

How Rare Is Your Personality?

junmon603. Get yours at

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November 2006
San Jose, CA
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