Being fascinated by developing innovative products which facilitate daily life from an early age, I feel prosperous that I was born and raised in a country with great interest for design. Since 2010 I gained much insight in product innovation and development, working as a product designer for the toy brand Sluban.

To further specialize in product designing, I have studied Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology. Alongside this experience I am passionate about expressing my creativity in modern art. This has resulted in 2 pieces of art being exhibited in Sculpture Park Zuidlaren, a museum in the Netherlands.

Design can be integrated in all kinds of products and there are many innovative technologic developments in the field of product design that have my interest. I find it a great challenge to incorporate my view on design into these diverse product categories. I am very motivated to further develop my expierences and therefore I am aways willing to gather new knowledge and share ideas.

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    Awk' says:

    "He makes slick builds, he is a nice dude to everyone and his name is Joris.

    Freakin' Joris.

    A cooler name I do not know. :3"

    December 9th, 2011

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    ~The Shuffling Skeleton~ says:

    "Joris is has a big imagination and thinks out of the box.His creations always suprise me,and amaze me.He thinks of things to build which,if I thought about making,would be impossible.
    Joris Blok,keep up the awesome work!! :D"

    September 28th, 2011

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    poncнo☭penguιn says:

    "This guy's a very talented and imaginative builder. He also can make any IRL object into a perfect MOC, which is a rare skill.
    Plus he scores bonus points for being Dutch!"

    May 14th, 2009

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    ScarletSpitfire says:

    "Joris is the only one of his kind. Everything he does is original. Whilst by his photos, he looks very stern all the time, he has a great sense of humor. If by the time I am his age I can build a gazillionth as good as him, I will be very happy!"

    March 14th, 2009

June 2008
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Joris Blok