I am this guy, you know, who was born in England and now lives in Poland with his exceptionally patient Polish wife, writes philosophy and takes pictures, who people think is just an engineer/teacher/proofreader/programmer (delete as applicable). I am a systems analyst who can barely calculate the mean of a set of data, yet has an intuitive feel for data honed by a lot of experience - you want to know what will be hot next month, just copy what I do.

My pictures - well, if you take all the craft skill out of what you do, are you left with your art? Is all the talk about what it is we do, and what is or not art, just a blind to prevent us realizing what art is? Are you going to categorize me based on what I have said here to avoid thinking about me as a human? Camera, light, objects, Gimp - these are tools I happen to use to access the art in my head, and as tools to access art, I have no particular interest in becoming more interested in the tools than my art. People? Well, they are different.

Mainly, I like to walk with my wife, holding hands, or to play with my cats.

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Trevor Butcher
December 2006
I am:
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Artist - Editor - Engineer
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