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Portrait & Fine Art Photographer

Marina Filipovic Marinshe is a 29 years old portrait & fineart photographer from Croatia. She has worked with bands, publishers and companies to enchance their image and brand through crisp, original and imersive imagery. These leading brands include record label Menart, Allianz Insurance, AIESEC organisation, as well as Worlds’s leading companies as Bloomsbury Publishing (USA) and Wiley Publishing (USA).

In 2008. Marina’s photo was chosen among 50.000 others around the world to appear on the cover of the most prestigious photography magazine in the world, the french Photo. Also, the same year, Marina received the prestigious croatian IT AWARD VIDI WEB Oscar for her PHOTO blog (, which was named best blog in Croatia.
She was also chosen by Damir Hoyka to attend the well known photo seminar, Fotosofia 2.

Her photos are on the front pages of more than 20 literary titles in Croatia and worldwide.

Marina’s work has appeared in various other magazines such as Digital Foto Magazine, Turkish Photon Magazine, Blur Magazine, Camera Obscura Magazine, croatian magazines Plan B and Extra, in daily newspapers Vecernji List , as well as a number of solo and group exhibitions, both local (Zagreb, Osijek) and International (Serbia, Sweden, Mexico, France, Italy, India, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany).

Marina works as editor of photography in Croatian regional web magazines „“ and „“ (2010-2013)

Her photos can already be found in Mexican High School book about photography, which future young photographers will use to both learn from and inspire others - like Marina is doing today.


1. First Prize and magazine cover, "Photo", French edition (01/2008)
2. Recognition VIDI WEB OSCAR 2008 for the best photo blog in Croatia (12/2008)
3. My Photos are included in the book of photography "Digital Design", for Mexican high schools (12/2006)
4. Recognition of Photoclub Osijek for outstanding achievements (12/2008)
5. Commendation for fashion photograph "Astral" on croatian annual photographic festival in "Photodays 2010" (06/2010)
6. Honor from Photographic Club PASCAL (FIAP CLUB) from Cyprus for the outstanding contribution to the development and progress of the photographic art (03/2011)

Croatian Clietns:

- Acumen Publishing (photography editor)
- Algoritam Publishing (book covers)
- Alfa Publishing (photos for cookbooks / food photography )
- Extra / NCL Media Group (fashion editorial)
- Prijatelji životinja / Animal Friends NGO (billboard campaigns)
- Vecernji List Newspapers (event photography)
- Aiesec Croatia (event photography)
- Ivana Kindl (singer, artist - cover art and promo photos for musicianss)
- Kraljevi ulice (music band, artists - cover art and promo photos for musicians)
- Damir Kedzo (singer, artist - cover art and promo photos for musicians)
- Edo Maajka (singer, artist - cover art and promo photos for musicians)
- Elemental (music band, artists - cover art and promo photos for musicians)
- Postolar Tripper (music band, artists - cover art and promo photos for musicians)
- Initium NGO - (event photography)
- - (event photography)
- / Hotel Esplanade (food photography)
- (web mag about IT business / working as photography editor)
- (web mag about food / working as photography editor)
- Urban Hair Academy Zagreb, Croatia (fashion & beauty photography)
- Mobile / (photography for mobile content)
- Modra Lasta Magazine (conceptual photography for covers)
- Feniks Pletenina (fashion campaigns)
- Plan B Magazine (event photography & portraits)
- Croatian Archery Society (billboard campaigns)
- Kino Caffe Gric (food photography)
- Gordon Hill (advertising photography)
- Veleučilište Lavoslav Ružička u Vukovaru / Polytechnic of Vukovar (advertising photography)
- S Factor Dance Studio (beauty & fashion photography)
- Skolska knjiga Publishing (photography for book covers)
- Lider Press Magazine (Portraits)
- Web Start Conference 2008 (event photography) 5/2008
- Faceokracija Conerence 2010 (event photography)
- Tweetokracija Conference 2009 - 2010 (event photography)
- Panonius Regional Web Magazine (event photography)
- Ciklopea d.o.o. Zagreb (business portraits)
- Initium NGO (business portraits)
- 9 Lives NGO (business portraits)
- Ideja X Conference Zagreb (event photography)
- Restaurant Lobby (food photography)
- Restaurant Spicek (food photography)
- Klet Kezele / seoski turizam (food photography)
- Moslavacka Klet / Branka Šeparović (food photography)
- (event photography)
- Ohai d.o.o. (contributor writer)

International Clients:

- Allianz Insurance (advertising photography)
- Wiley Publishing (USA) (photography for book covers)
- Bloomsbury Publishing (USA) (photography for book covers)
- Aiesec International (event & advertising photography)
- Primus Publishing (Slovenia) (photography for books)
- Menart Records (cover art and promo photos for musicians)
- Le Web Paris 2010 Conference (France) (event photography)
- The Next Web Conference 2011 Amsterdam (event photography)

Published in:

French PHOTO, Digital Foto Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Gloria Magazine, Jutarnji List Newspapers, Vecernji List Newspapers, Extra Magazine, Globus Magazine, Croatian Bulb Photo Magazine, Chinese iLove Magazine, Turkish Camera Obscura Photo Magazine, Vijesnik Newspapers, Readers Digest, Metro Newspapers, Livingstone Magazine, TV Ekran Mag, Modra Lasta Magazine for Children, Glas Slavonije Newspapers, Lider Press Business Magazine, V Magazine,,,,, Elle Magazine Croatia, Epicentar Magazine,,,,, Globus,,,,,, Slavonski dom,,,,,,,,,,, Brainstorming Magazine, Unreal Conceptions Web Magazine, Ixica TV, Croatian National TV, Nova TV, Slavonijan TV,,, Tehno G Magazine, Osjecka TV, MTV Adria,, Story Magazine, Storybook Magazine

Solo Exhibitions:

1. JAMES BOND SHOW BY MARINSHE – ERSTE CLUB gallery, Zagreb (April - May 2009)
2. FOTO ART NOUVEAU 2 - Kula (Srbija), (06/2008)
3. FOTO ART NOUVEAU 1 - Osijek, Crvena Malina Gallery (03/2008)
4. DIGITAL POP ART BY MARINSHE - Osijek, Big Ben Club (01/2006)

Group exhibitions:

20. Exhibition of Photoclub PASCAL, Cyprus (3/2011)
19. Fotosofia Exhibition in Krapina Gallery, Krapina, Croatia (3/2011)
18. Exhibition of Foto Club Osijek in Novi Sad, Serbia (11/2010)
17. FOTOX1000 Exhibition in Rome, Italy (9/2010)
16. Nandan (Cultural Center), Kalkuta, India (8/2010)
15. Paris - FIAP WORLD CUP 2010 - finalists
(organized by the International Organization of Photographic Arts), Paris, France (3/2011)
14. Exhibition Photo Club members OSIJEK in Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina (5/2010)
13. TRASHANALOGIJA (Lomography Summit & Exhibition) in Zabok, Croatia (10/2010)
12. Exhibition by the Osijek-Baranja County, Osijek Photoclub, Croatia (11/2009)
11. Imagine Europe 2009 - Stockholm (Sweden) (11/2009)
10. F11 - The first group exhibition of croatian photo bloggers - Gallery FER, Zagreb, Croatia (10/2008)
9. Fotosofi in Porec by Hoyka - Gallery Porec, Croatia (8/2008)
8. Group exhibition "ART CIB Vinkovci 2008", Vinkovci, Croatia (6/2008)
7. Exhibition "Croatian Photography 2007"
(organized by the Croatian Photographic Union) - Zagreb, Croatia (3/2008)
6. Festival Of Artistic Photos - FUF - Cakovec, Croatia (12/2007)
5. Exhibition "Croatian Photography 2007"
(organized by the Croatian Photographic Union) - Berlin, Germany (10/2007)
4. First International Salon of Digital Photography - Osijek, Croatia (10/2007)
3. Exhibition of Photographs of Foto Camp "Fotosofia 2" - Tuhelj, Croatia (7/2007)
2. Exhibition of young artists demo - Youth Club - Zupanja, Croatia (7/2007)
1. Exhibition of photographs by Osijek-Baranja County, Osijek, Croatia (11/2006)

Photos of Marinshe (12)

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  • The Warmth of Winter by Marinshe
  • Red Hat by Marinshe
  • 2012-06-21 21.36.15 by Eniax
  • Photodays Rovinj 2012 by Rovinj Photodays
  • Photodays Rovinj 2012 by Rovinj Photodays
  • beautyful by allierohletter
  • silent night by allierohletter

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    LaraJade says:

    "Marinshe has such a wonderful imagination. Her gallery is full of images one would see in dreams..

    I love your style and I can see you going far.. please continue with what you're doing!"

    April 15th, 2008

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    `michelleBlack says:

    "Marinshe has an exquisite eye for beauty, elegance, and simplicity. Her work is always so inspiring and refreshing!"

    February 19th, 2007

Marina Filipovic
June 2005
Zagreb, Croatia
I am:
Artist. Professional Photographer