Marek, also known as Maz. Dedicated amateur, occasional professional.


I first became interested in photography around the age of seven when I joined the RSPB's Young Ornithologist's Club. Around the same time I went on a school trip to Chester Zoo. My parents gingerly put their old Zenit-E in my hands with a 35mm prime lens. I was hooked. A Christmas present around the age of eight or nine was a make-it-yourself cardboard pinhole camera complete with paper and chemicals, and from about ten years old I had something of an obsession with developing my own black and white films and prints. The first thing I bought myself when I lived away from home having gone to university was a "good SLR", a Canon EOS 500N. Fast forward to the present day and I've got a portion of my garage converted into a black and white darkroom, a reasonable investment in lenses and a 7D DSLR. Next steps are going to be courses aimed at improving my skills, especially in portraiture and studio work.





Subverting Binaries

Goths in Space




Model Mayhem


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