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in Glasgow, Scotland
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Hi. If you are reading this then either;
(a) I like your photgraphy and have marked you as a contact to follow your work ~ and you are wondering who the hell I am, or
(b) you like my images and want to know more about me (it happens occasionally!), or
(c) have found me through one of my contacts or comments on others work.

Whichever it is ~ thanks for stopping by. This account is about my photography. Not web images I've found, or friends pics (unless I happen to be in them). Simply my own work. Photography is a passion, I just never seem to have the time I want to have to devote to it. If you like an image, or indeed think one can be improved, please leave a comment ~ feedback is always welcomed.

As you will see from my stream, I like to travel. Here's where I have been...

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Photographically, as much as I enjoy a stroll and taking landscapes, or shooting action and sport, I also enjoy working with others, pushing my boundaries and comfort levels at times. My self portraits may be interpreted as an expression of frustration - I do not always have another person to place in the image I want to try and create. I believe that pushing boundaries is a great way to improve your photography overall.

To everyone whose images I have FAV'd ~ thank you for the insperation!

Thanks again for stopping by.

*** FINALLY ***
If you FAV any of my images and I check your account and I do not see any images posted by you, or any details in your profile, I will probably block you. Flickr is a medium for sharing, not for being a voyeur or for stealing others creative work. NUFF SAID!

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    Sorgine says:

    "John's stream is full of vibrant images from around the globe. One can enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking, or tag along in an African safari. Through his pictures, Moi shares with us the journey of his life, and boy! it is colorful and fantastic."

    June 3rd, 2010

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    Altered Perspectives says:

    "John's pics are so refreshing and inspirational - no matter what he turns his hand to - landscapes, portraits, street life, nudes - he seems to have an eye for a great capture. Thanks for the inspiration!"

    January 25th, 2008

John B
December 2005
Glasgow (Scotland), UK
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