I still remember how excited I was as a little kid, when my parents gave me their old film camera which had a few shots left so that I could shoot whatever I like. I had so many things to take pictures of, but there were only 3 or 4 shots left in the camera, and buying a new reel of film was out of the question as it was very expensive in those days. The feeling of responsibility, power, and sheer joy of being given an expensive camera to shoot pictures with stays with me even now when I hold my camera in my hands.

I was always fascinated by photography, and when I was young, my grandpa used to give me issues of National Geographic for me to read. The photos in them were stunning, and in every issue you could see something incredible which you had never seen in your life before. All of this was made possible by the expert photographers who dedicated their lives to shooting pictures in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

For me, photography is a very humbling experience, the way I look at it, every single time I press the shutter release, I’m capturing a moment in time which is lost forever, in my camera. Whatever happened at that point in time, when I took the photo, will never happen again for the rest of everyone’s lives. It is a moment frozen in time, forever immortalized by film or a digital CCD.

The hardest part is talking about photography when you’re limited by words as there are so many experiences to share, so many things to tell, so many things to show, explain, and describe and I could go on and on. When you’re a photographer, you tend to look at things differently. Like, when you’re driving, and you see a beautiful tree, or a beautiful road, you make a mental note to come back there someday and take some photos. You end up doing things you never thought of doing, and you end up going places you never thought that you’d be going to. You tend to appreciate the nuances, intricate details of nature, and of human creations.

Just remember,

You'll regret the things you don't do more than the things you do.


I shoot with:

Nikon D7100
Nikon D60
18mm - 55mm Kit lens with VR
55mm - 200mm with VR
and a nifty fifty (which I'm in love with!)

You can reach me at mynameisharsha@yahoo.com.

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Harsha K R
June 2008
Bangalore, India
I am:
Male and Taken