Zagreb, Croatia

About my photos I will not write a word, people say a single picture speaks more than thousand words :-)
In case you do not understand flickr courtesy, I try explain how I see this:
- I love photography, Flickr and Flickr people. Good people are welcome. I found many good friends on Flickr, best social network for photography lovers.
- I post my photos and comment back on those who do the same. I can write in French and Italian too, and understand Spanish. I am Croat, English is not my native language, mistakes and misspellings are always possibles.
- If you regularly comment or fave my pictures, expect the same. If you as my contact do not comment my photos on regular basis I will delete you from contact list. Nobody needs "mute contacts" because Flickr is basically a social network.
- If you invite my photos to your or others people groups I may add them or I may not - depending on the group. I will return that favor also, because I am Admin and Moderator in several flickr groups that you may be interested in.
- Hundreds of people have marked me as a contact. Although I am honored that so many think well enough of my work, please understand that I only have enough time to keep up with people on a regular basis. Please do not take offense if I do not mark you as a contact in return. If you have thousands of contacts, you can be sure I will not accept your invite.
- I don´t wish to spend too much time on Flickr, although I am Flickr addict. :-)


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    evko ... says:

    "Fjodor ... un ami depuis le moment ou j'ai posté a Flickr des photos de sa bien-aimée Postira - un beau village sur l'île de Brac en Croatie. Moi seule, je suis encore sous le charme de ce lieu unique et a grâce des photos de Fjodor j'ai l'occasion d'y revenir ... souvent.
    Je te remercie de ton Amitié Fjodor, de tes commentaires originaux et sincères, pleins de la joie de vivre et merci pour la possibilite de voir tes belles images ... Tout ca c'est grand plaisir pour moi... :) :) :)"

    December 26th, 2012

  • view profile

    excellentzebu1050 says:

    "I will thank you Fjodor for your wonderful Friendship
    you are a special Person really
    your Pictures are Excellent really Fantastic !
    my Compliments !

    Fjodor give always good advice and comments with attention !
    i'm appreciate him and I am Happy with his Friendship

    Thank You My Sweet Friend
    Caroline and all the the Farm Animals

    and in particular
    White Star Bambino"

    June 10th, 2012

  • view profile

    NΞNO says:

    "I never believed that friendship can happen on Flickr, a real friendship. That is the first thing I would like to say about Fjodor, above all and before everything, he is my friend and I admire him as a person. What to say about Fjodor's photography? He has years of experience behind him, he's a real photo aficionado, a lover of beauty, his camera is always searching and finding stunning landscapes, interesting and beautiful moments from Zagreb streets where he lives. His photos are always full of details which are telling the story, making his beautiful photos even more special! I have nothing but praise for Fjodor's photography and I am really proud to be in his circle of friends, his photos are always teaching me something new. He is the photographer who always brings something new to the art of digital photography, and even though he says he's not professional, his photos definitely are. He is to modest to admit it, another quality of a great artist!

    I would like to write more, but what I have to say wouldn't fit on this page! This page is too small for all the praise I have for Fjodor! :)) So I will end it here and wish you all the best my friend, from the bottom of my heart!

    Love you man! Keep up the great work... I got your back! ;-)

    Čirsek, ;-)


    February 15th, 2012

  • view profile

    kontinova2 says:

    ""Even as a child Fjodor has successfully undertaken sketching, painting, and very early in his life began to be engaged in photography. This artistic inclination resulted as he has finally chosen architecture as his profession. He was always good in all undertakings and expanded his knowledge of art and culture. As it is evident from his comments on the Flickr, he has quite a wide knowledge base and joggles various multifaceted data so I see him as Wikipedia incarnated.

    His work on Flickr reflects the spirit of this medium and can be a model for members as someone who is fair, fun and above all funny, so he became quite popular in a short time.

    However, what impresses me most is the quality of his professional level photographs. I believe they reflect his inquisitive approach to life and intuitive feel for moment in time. That is why Fjodor my favorite!""

    February 15th, 2011

  • view profile

    vesna1962 says:

    "Poljezicanin is a very interesting photographer whose style is a mixture of documentary and creative photography. Through his photostream he captures beautifully the local spirit of his beloved Postira, a village on the island of Brac, and of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where he lives at present. Particulary remarkable are his photos of hystoric buildings presented with great definition and clarity. He is a great contact and Flickr friend who is always among the first ones to comment on his contacts' photos. His comments are thoughtful, kind, generous, supportive, and very often witty, funny, knowledgeable and entertaining. I know he is highly valued by his Flickr friends and he thoroughly deserves it. For me he is an epitome of what Flickr is about. Thank you, Fjodor!"

    October 7th, 2009

  • view profile

    _Isabella_ says:

    "With a lot of care he observes and takes photographs of the world around he, beware that he does not miss some interesting detail for communicating his vision and knowledge with viewers. The biggest gentelman on Flickr!"

    August 22nd, 2009

  • view profile

    Ivo D. says:

    "Photostream of Polježičanin - Fjodor is rich with great architecture photos and building details. Fjodors profession is architect, so his affection to it is reflected by many photos of buildings and details. In his stream you can discover many important sites and monumental buildings. It's like a "musee imaginaire" or a small timeline of architecture and history of arts."

    February 19th, 2009

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Split, Croatia
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