I got my first real camera (a SLR) when I got out of high school, and have been doing this "photographer" thing ever since. I had some really good teachers starting out, so I learned from some of the best people around my location.

I love that I do not have to rely on the technology available to make my image. I can use it as a guide, but I mostly rely on my teaching/training, and my inner voice.

I love being able to look out at a scene, and visualize what the image will look like before I make it.

Even though I now use digital, I am careful in my composition and image-making. In the "good old film days" you only had a finite number of frames per roll of film, so you had to be picky, and know what you were doing. I do not "press and pray" - press the shutter and pray for a good image. Bracketing is fine, but if you know anything about photography even it it's most basic form, you don't need to shoot dozens/hundreds of images to get what you want. A few images is fine - 500 isn't.

The "Age of Digital Imaging" has made people lazy (my opinion). Those people who take the time to learn photography are fine; those who pick up a camera and think they are great photographers (you see them on Craigslist & Facebook) are nothing but charlatans and snake-oil salesmen.

I have never - and will never - shoot in Full Auto or "Program" mode. 90% of what I shoot is Manual.

I learned the "old-fashioned way" by using film, learning about light, exposure, etc., along with darkroom work. Even though I now shoot with digital, I still believe in getting it right in the camera, so there is as little post-processing as necessary. I don't like things that are overly "photoshopped." I learned how to develop and print in a darkroom, so if I can't do it in a darkroom I won't do it in photoshop. (I know how it makes me sound, but...).

A few rules about the Flickr experience...

Comments are welcome, as well as constructive criticism. I am not so vain or egotistical to thing I am perfect (like so many on Flickr do). Negative comments do nothing to advance the art form of photography, so negative comments will be deleted.

Because Flickr is a place to share images, please do me the courtesy of actually having something for me to look at.
If you favorite a photo of mine, and you have nothing available to me, I will block you. Also, if you add me as a contact, but you have nothing available to me, I will block you.

Yes, I am on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

I know more than most, but less than some.

Have A Nice Day. :)

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