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  • The Best of by Andrezza Haddaway
  • The graveyard in Hinojar for Onkel by hajlana
  • East Side Gallery, Berlin by Werner Schnell Images (2.stream)
  • the baaaad boys by Grant MacDonald
  • Montre moi ton étoile by 1D110
  • Coquelicots by 1D110
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    Frizztext says:

    "The photo series of Thomas Lieser / onkel_wart often deal with the transitoriness, the failure, the death. Not in a larmoyante way, but affectionately, understanding, done by quiet sadness, often landed in a conciliatory humor, which knows how to resign itself to that what anyway is at it is. Transient is everything: People, animals, also objects: Thus we find in his collection old cranial bones (a skull) in the village out backs as well as military war-jets landed on an auction place – in the very back big-city jungle. Mostly his photo series “Closing Time” have touched me: about closed small store bars in his town of VIENNA. His searching grid: ” Shops of all kind – in homage to all those little shops holding on and to those that had to give up the fight. “We discover a milk-shop or a hairdressing salon which wanted to overcome at last with the most modern dreadlocks and hair lengthening – just before toughly the bald head fashion came. The photo of a dance scale (Café Flamingo) which had probably seen better days, got the underline comment: “Sad to say, they didn’t save the last dance for me …” A photo of Thomas Lieser always has a wonderfully story-telling tone, a really lyrical vein! It is to be hoped very much that he holds his small Flickr-photo store still long on-line and up to date!
    Die Foto-Serien von Thomas Lieser / onkel_wart beschäftigen sich oft mit der Vergänglichkeit, dem Scheitern, dem Sterben. Aber nicht auf eine larmoyante Weise, sondern liebevoll, verständnisvoll, von leiser Wehmütigkeit getrieben, oft im versöhnlichen Humor gelandet, der sich mit dem abzufinden weiß, was nun einmal so ist. Vergänglich sind wir alle: Menschen, Tiere, auch Gegenstände: So finden wir in seiner Kollektion alte Schädelknochen im dörflichen Hinterland als auch auf einem Auktionsplatz gelandete Militär-Düsenjäger – im hintersten Großstadt-Dschungel. Am meisten angerührt hat mich seine Serie “Closing Time” über geschlossene kleine Ladenlokale in seiner Stadt WIEN. Sein Suchraster: “Shops of all kind – an hommage to all those little shops holding on and to those that had to give up the fight in the end:” Wir sehen ein Milchgeschäft oder einen Frisiersalon, der sich zuguter letzt noch mit modernsten Rasta-Locken und Haarverlängerungen über Wasser halten wollte – bis dann wohl knallhart die Glatzen-Mode kam. Das Foto von einem Tanzschuppen, der wohl bessere Tage gesehen hatte, untertitlelt er: “Sad to say, they didn’t save the last dance for me…” Das Fotografieren von Thomas Lieser hat einen wunderbar erzählenden Ton, eine wirklich lyrische Ader! Es ist sehr zu hoffen, dass er seinen kleinen Flickr-Fotoladen noch lange online hält!"

    May 13th, 2011

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    absorbed join says:

    "I've had the pleasure of knowing Thomas (Onkel_Wart) for some time now, and am continually inspired by the incredible level of creativity and thought poured into every one his photos. A really down-to-earth guy with a great eye for photography, and always one for good, honest critique - something sorely lacking around the Flickr community."

    October 30th, 2010

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    1D110 says:

    "Toujours très aimable
    Ces Photos insolites mais dans un registre a lui sans complication.
    Il suis le groupe 500/500 ou je l'ais rencontré 'Poste ?voting'..
    Juste a bien suivre
    Merci encore de ton amabilité."

    March 26th, 2010

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    hajlana says:

    "Onkel Wart is very special photographer..he enjoy to surprise the viewer with excellent art.
    Nature lover as well a philosopher with deep and intense thoughts captured so well in the beautiful images.
    Storytelling pictures and questioning life its self.
    I love the selfdistance,humour and sometimes Ior and Tiger comes out commenting and beeing such a wounderful friend.
    His portraits are filled with emotions..very near and warm.
    Original and a simple genious in my opinion..love his work..it inspires and it is fantastic.
    You are great!
    Have it goodie..big hugs fr Helena"

    September 21st, 2009

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    redmann says:

    "Creativity is the essence of Art. What you will find here, is definitely Art! Creativity abounds in this photo stream. Look and enjoy."

    May 30th, 2008

Thomas Lieser
June 2006
Vienna, Austria
I am:
Male and Taken
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