I joined this Flickr community on April 27, 2008 at my friend, Elwetritsche's recommendation. She would carry a small pocket camera everywhere it seems. I thought it was a good idea, too, to document life through the lens of a camera so I bought a small digital camera. It has become my friend and almost constant companion. It helps me to slow down, see the world in a different way and be more appreciative of the wonders all around me.

It is a joy to see what other people share here. The world seems a much smaller place on Flickr, and our vision increases. I like the community, seeing other people's perspectives, the visual and verbal poems, insights, the power of tagging, the groups, the serendipity, the collaboration.

I am currently taking classes at a local community college, Foothill, one of which was a beginning digital photography class. In one of my classes, I learned Flickr is a folksonomy, a Web application created for the people, by the people. YAY! I just finished a class where we were required to make a simple web site, so I decided to make one featuring cards I make as a part of a writing project I am involved in (Circle of Love Letters program ). This is my basic website:


I also sell greeting cards on Etsy.com:

Most of the cards use the images I share here on Flickr.

I am inspired by so many, from the shares here on Flickr, to the authors of the books I read, people I meet, teachers, communities I am part of, art, and most especially to Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) and Thich Nhat Hanh, my living teachers, and the Spirit World of my childhood (Divine Father/Mother, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Nature). Thank you, all.

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    tteerriitt says:

    "she wrote ...

    ''''giving thanks to those faceless ones
    who serve and nurture us

    behind the scenes
    who seek no acknowledgment

    who shine their light
    hearts joyously dancing
    in ways no one sees…''''

    this affirmation describes Fe
    shining love and light all around the world through her beautiful images and reflective and sacred text

    thank you for being you and thank you for the light you reflect. all around the world....the world can get so dark some times..."

    5th December, 2009

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    three white cats =^.^= says:

    "Fe's stream is a place of peace, tranquility, beauty love and inspiration

    Her friendship is a blessing

    Her words and images a breath of fresh and reviving spiritual air

    Many Thanks xxx"

    20th October, 2009

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    CKayD says:

    "Anyone who does not yet know Fe, I would like to tell you that she has a heart made of pure Gold. She is a truly caring and a great friend to have.
    And if your about to see her photo stream for the first time, sit back and relax, your about to see what truly amazing really means.
    Fe thank you for being the way you are, do not ever change because your lovely just the way you are."

    15th September, 2009

Fe Langdon
April 2008
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