I am a Fine Art post graduate interested in sculpture, drawing, photography and installation art. My work focuses on the everyday and document the world at present. My interests are architecture, public spaces, street furniture, everyday objects with a sculptural quality, the over looked, the order of objects, colour, line and the engagement with the present.
The work is something which comes very natural. There is a haphazardness which I like. The main material I use in the sculpture is wood, MDF, salvaged material, material which brings its own story and I am also interested in using found and bought objects.
I look at display in second hand shops and the techniques big stores use to advertise and display objects. This enters the work initially in photographs on site and then into sculpture.
There is an unfinished quality to the work which I like. There is an openness and freedom. I have found that in my practise anything can be art and the only limitation of what can be included in a work of art is down individual’s willingness to engage with objects in an artistic way.

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Peter Bullivant
April 2008
Northampton, England
I am:
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