I own a dog training school in Kentucky. I have a Doberman named "Chloe" and a Border Collie named "Callie". They are both 3 years old and I do Obedience and Agility with them. I would love to take some good Agility shots of them, but they are both very fast so I will have to improve my picture-taking skills to keep up with them. I love good photography and would like to get better at it. I have a nice digital camera that makes up for my lack of talent, so what I would like to improve the most is my creative eye. My main subjects are the dogs, sunrises, sunsets, and macro shots of flowers.

I find Flickr to be both depressing and inspirational. It depresses me to think how 'stick man-ish' my pictures are compared to some of the great photography here but I am also inspired to want to, and try to, improve my skills. I'm trying hard to squelch the depression and concentrate on the inspiration! : )

EXPLORE - 100 ! ! !

1. crown jewel, 2. whir blur!, 3. Autumn light and colors, 4. Hummers!, 5. Born to be free!, 6. centrifugal force!, 7. suspended, 8. Yes, you can!,
9. Mad as a hornet!, 10. Watch your tongue!, 11. Deluxe, 12. busy bee, 13. Lovey Dovey!, 14. Oh, Look... up in the tree!, 15. Mr. Squirrel is back!, 16. sweet little girl,
17. sweet nectar, 18. cardinal, 19. Put on your brakes!, 20. The wind beneath her wings..., 21. Summer dreams, 22. Chocolate Chirp, 23. caught red-handed..., 24. sunbeams,
25. Hot Legs!, 26. a face only a MOTHer could love!, 27. The Yellow Rose of... Kentucky??, 28. Lily's heart, 29. at day's end, 30. fallen on hard times, 31. Got it, Mom!, 32. My first 'Post'...,
33. Good Morning, Sunshine!, 34. the rose, 35. pretty pink peony, 36. stuck in the middle with you, 37. the obligatory bee, 38. Kentucky homestead, 39. wild onion curlicues, 40. breaking free,
41. heads above the rest!, 42. the green, green grass of home, 43. Hang on!, 44. peony bud, 45. dandelion lounge, 46. Happy Anniversary, Honey!, 47. 1-YEAR FLICKR ANNIVERSARY!, 48. Happy Birthday, Rachael! : ),
49. the ascent, 50. the tracks of my tears, 51. center of attention, 52. I'll get by with a little help from my friends!, 53. in full bloom, 54. early bloomer, 55. Happy Easter, Everyone!!, 56. at pond's edge,
57. My Old Kentucky Home!, 58. thinking back to what she once was..., 59. Sunday brunch, 60. Let there be light!, 61. window to..., 62. no such thing as perfection, 63. My, what big eyes you have!, 64. Sweet gossamer dreams,
65. one a day!, 66. seen better days, 67. intergalactic travel, 68. it is what it is..., 69. balls !, 70. three of a kind, 71. Let there be light!, 72. ice tiara


1. mounds, 2. Lookin' out my back door, 3. "V" is for Vici!, 4. cool convergence, 5. Finally... we got snow!, 6. grace under ice, 7. A new day... a New Light!, 8. Mommy's little snow flake!,
9. HAPPY NEW YEAR!, 10. It's always brighter on the other side., 11. Go do your business!, 12. I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow you away!, 13. copper spotlight, 14. on the ride home last night!, 15. curved fence, 16. moody blues,
17. Fall colors, 18. drops, 19. Callie - blowin' in the wind!, 20. giving you the raspberries!, 21. swayin' in the wind, 22. It's a FAKE!!, 23. Access to Turtle Beach, 24. such a good little poser!,
25. Happy Dobe!, 26. IMGP0064 - Copy, 27. IMGP0384 - Copy

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    seeks2dream says:

    "I have watched Vici's photostream become more of a 'not to be missed' over the last year. I have also come to know her as a 'kindred spirit' where photography is concerned........she loves what I like and visa versa!

    I have also come to trust her kindness and integrity enough to make her a 'friend contact' recently, so that she may see more of my life and family that I do not reveal as a rule for public viewing....:0)

    I agree so much with Tracy that Vici embodies the essence of "unconditional" and uses much of her precious time to write a wonderful comment on the photography that delights her 'eye buds'!!!
    I am very pleased to be one of her contacts...:0)"

    April 4th, 2010

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    Tracey Tilson Photography says:

    "My nephew got me started on Flickr in August 2008 and was my first contact... but the FIRST FRIEND I ever added was Vici, also in August 2008...nine months ago. I probably stumbled across one of her dog photos. (She loves dogs as much as as I do!) Vici is such a wonderful photographer.... but even more important, she's a wonderful person. She always has a kind word to share and is one of those rare friends that knows the meaning of "unconditional". I'm not the best at getting around to visit all my friends like I should, but that's never seemed to matter to Vici. Like good friends do, we just pick up where we left off. I consider Vici to be one of my BEST friends on Flickr.
    Thank you, Vici, for being such a wonderful friend! You are a blessing in my life!
    Love you! ~Tracey"

    May 21st, 2009

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    B L R says:

    "Vici's--photostream is packed full of wonderful, creative photos!She has such a good eye for composition, she is an excellent photographer. Vici, is also a loyal flickr friend. ---If you take a few minuets to view her work you will not be disappointed! Keep up the good work Vici!--- Thanks for being such a good flickr friend!"

    April 14th, 2009

April 2008
Kentucky, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
dog trainer / Obedience Instructor