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*Please do NOT use any of my photos without my express permission! My photos are all copyrighted.I have had a lot of problems with people using my photos without my consent. This is stealing and illegal. No RPG sites or similar, please. If you'd like to use a photo for another reason, message me FIRST. As long as it's reasonable, I'll probably say yes! Thanks in advance :)

I took up photography as a hobby in Feb '08 - shortly after getting given a certain crazy collie. My earlier photos were all taken with a very basic P&S camera

"Hi Everyone!"

Sine 2012, I've been using a Canon EOS 1100D (which is currently possibly the scruffiest, muddiest camera in the county - Barney likes to shake mud over it from time to time!). Took me a while but I've come to really enjoy using it & would recommend it (or similar, newer models!) to anyone wishing to buy a cheap-ish entry level DSLR camera!

4/52 The Joys of Mud!

The "star" of my photostream, Barney the rescue border collie, is the reason I first picked up a camera. He came to me at 15 months old untrained, terrified of everything, with a bucket load of behavioural issues and a natural ability to pose!

We've since done a lot of training, worked through most of his issues (he's still a wimp)... and practically turned the posing into a "job" - one he loves. To Barney, cameras mean walks, treats and fun (and sometimes a very distracted human - but he is always paid well for his time and patience!).

10/52 Leapdog!

For quite a while now, I've not only been photographing Barney, I've been writing short stories about him, to go with the images. Flicking through the photos on Flickr, you can now read all about Barney's life, his training, his adventures and many quirks :)

What's Up, Pup?

Again, please do NOT use photos without permission! If you post my images to sites like Tumblr - please at least include the image source!

Thanks for dropping by my photo stream :)
Barney's Challenge... Calling All Flickr Dogs!! :)

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    milikin says:

    "OK, so where do I begin with Meg's photostream?
    Meg was one of my very first contacts. I learned so much just seeing her pics and figuring out how I wanted mine to be. I love how every wonderful picture she takes tells a story... She also tells the story, and brilliantly! More then a few times I have thought she should write children's books! (The adventures of Barney the Border Collie, or Barney and Dilly's Day etc...) Her photos are always so colourful and I love her style of writing as much as her pictures. I think kids and adults would enjoy them together in a printed book.
    Having a look at her life in England with her wonderful pets is pure joy for me every time;)"

    May 18th, 2011

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    fαяfuℓfεяиїε says:

    "Meg was literally the very first contact I made on Flickr and I have been hooked to her stream ever since. Not only for her incredible shots of Barney and Miss Delilah but also her writing and narrations are so creative and unique. She is truly an artist in all aspects of the meaning. She is a special person for taking on the challenge of Barney as well and I am so glad he finally found a forever home with her. It truly has been a pleasure enjoying her work and I hope it will be many more years to come. Congrats on graduating from Uni too Meg!!!"

    March 21st, 2011

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    Stuart`Dootson says:

    "I've been meaning to write a testimonial for Meg for some time…she was one of the first (if not THE first) photographer on Flickr to make a real impression on me - both her photographs and the way they were presented, with descriptive text, often describing Barney's take on the situation.

    Her pictures had a big impact on my Flickr contributions, especially my pictures of Rosie, whose view on the world gets seen a lot more widely than if her thoughts just stayed inside her head.

    All along, I've found Meg to be a really nice Flickr contact, leaving fun comments, posting lovely pictures of Barney and her other furry companions, Dilly and Elsie, as well as the beautiful countryside around her home in the Malvern Hills - something I'm reminded of every time I drive down the M5 to see Rosie and see the sign for the Malverns. Meg - you are lucky having that literally on your doorstep :-)

    Good luck with life after university, Meg - and keep taking the pictures!"

    September 18th, 2010

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    Mike & Indy says:

    "It's not hard to see why Barney is one of the most popular dogs on Flickr, Meg not only captures his beautiful character in her fabulous shots but she writes the most entertaining stories to accompany them. I also have a soft spot for the camera shy Dilly. Thanks for the wonderful photos and for saving Barney and giving him such a wonderful life!"

    September 6th, 2010

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    conwest_john says:

    "When it's late at night and you go on Flickr looking for a site that can lighten the dark, you quickly realize there's only one photostream guaranteed to do it. And it belongs to meg price. Well, it belongs to Barney too and Dilly and Elsie but they're willing to share it. Though in truth it's Barney who stars in this photostream. Barney is a force of nature and we are lucky that meg price is here to celebrate him with her camera.

    In the stunning photos, "Watching The Skies...", "Windswept!", and "Call of the Wild", we meet Barney at his iconic best, looking as photogenic as movie star Lassie and twice as intelligent. Talent scouts haven't penetrated his corner of England yet, so meanwhile Barney is content to climb trees in pursuit of imaginary squirrels, practise his dog paddling near distant beaches, and decimate tennis balls.

    In "Don't Go...", we see Barney at his most, erm, human, devastated by meg price's latest departure for school. We find him as despondent as a dog can get when facing soap in "B-A-T-H Day". And we see him waiting patiently as a child willing to please (though unlike a child Barney is most always willing to please) for yet another ball to be thrown in "Ready and Waiting". One point remains clear - Barney and meg price are partners in one of the most talented teams of subject/photographer on Flickr.

    And for sheer joy in living, look at the amazing "Silly Pup", "2 Years on Flickr!", "Merry Christmas!", and "Happy Furry Friday". From these photos and countless others it's also clear that Barney's spirited approach to life is meg price's own - another reason it's hard to think of this team being separated. But it's more than their partnership which strikes viewers - lifting their spirits and relieving their sleepless late nights. It's the realization that meg price too is a force of nature whose brilliance is as compelling as Barney's own."

    July 11th, 2010

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    Bordadorhund says:

    "Meg, or I should say, Barney, was one of my first exposures to the fun of Flickr. :) Meg takes wonderful photos of her pets, Barney, Dilly, and Elsie, and other animals, and she provides interesting stories to accompany the shots. Meg lives in a beautiful part of the world, and through her photos, it feels like we get to go along with she and her dogs on their adventures. The hilltops on which Barney is often seen posing (or waiting for a ball to be thrown) are some of my favorites. The scenery is spectacular and it makes me feel happy seeing a dog so very satisfied with such a good life. If you enjoy seeing beautiful and sensitive portraits of contented animals, be sure to look through Meg's photostream. :)"

    November 5th, 2009

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    Spangles44 The cheerful photographer!!!!! says:

    "Meg and I joined Flickr around the same time. I fell in love with Barney immediately. He would make a great friend for my Molly. Meg has an ability to produce such original and quality images. Her photostream is a neverending adventure. Meg, if you ever write a book about Barney (I think it would be better than Marley and me) I would be your first customer. You are one great contact. Hugs and cuddles from me and Molly. Oh and a quick tailwag too!"

    September 12th, 2009

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    Karen Brodie Photography (busy) says:

    "This is tesimony that I should have written a long time ago. Meg is a wonderful young woman, a brilliant photographer, artist and doggy lover. The story of Barney has been a wonderful, heart warming one in pictures, videos and writing. Meg has a true love of what has turned out to be a fabulous dog, all with the love and patience that Meg has shown. And of course there is Dilly, who makes an appearance, photographed brilliantly by Meg.

    Meg was one of my 1st contacts on Flickr and a wonderful contact she has been, a true Flickr friend, thanks Meg xxxx"

    August 24th, 2009

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    J.T Photography says:

    "Meg's photo's always make me smile, especialy her photo's of Barney. He is such a character! She has a natural eye for phorography, and everyone of her pictures are stunning! Barney is just the cutest rescue I have ever seen. Meg has a huge heart for adopting this big boy(:"

    August 12th, 2009

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    DodgersMom Photography says:

    "I love border collies and seeing her pics always make me smile. She captures her dogs best moments in photos. What a amazing photographer with such beautiful dogs!"

    July 25th, 2009

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    Hermio-Black says:

    "Barney is a shining dog
    Even in the deepest fog
    His beauty Meg can catch
    Even in their game of fetch
    Then Dilly comes, the Queen
    With all her paws so clean
    All the animals that Meg meet
    Put in her shots their feet
    Then Barney makes a mess
    But his pics are always a success."

    July 25th, 2009

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    127 Blue Hearts says:

    "Meg is such a great friend to me. Her photos and videos are wonderful! She has some of the best dog photos I've ever seen!! Barney and Dilly are georgous dogs and she captures them well for her photos. I love Barney a lot and I love to draw him once in a while. She's one of the best Flickr friends I've ever had!"

    July 23rd, 2009

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    HarlanJL says:

    "Meg is a true talent!! Her love for life and her dogs is wonderfully expressed in her photography!! I find much joy and happiness in all of her beautiful shots! Although, I do not know her personally, she seems to have a kind heart and a lovely soul!"

    September 11th, 2008

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