I am 38 years old and live with my husband and son Gabriel (9 yrs) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I speak Portuguese and English. I am a journalist and used to be the head of a global PR agency until I had to deal with a major health condition. Since my recovery, I decided to quit my job at the office and start a new venture.

In an increasingly virtual world, we're beginning to appreciate the value of real things. Receiving mail is one of my favorite things and I like to send stuff as well! This means that I love to swap -- a way to talk to people by giving them physical stuff – things you can hold in your hands and keep in your drawer (especially if they are cute!!)! The latest technology is cool, but sometimes it's hip to be square. For every advance in technology, there seems to be a corresponding reach back to an earlier era. People are finding that while the Internet, e-mail, messaging, etc. help bring people together -- you communicate with a lot more people than you would have before -- a lot of people are doing that to the exclusion of real, face-to-face interaction and real, meaningful communication. So things like letter-writing and even phone calls, which are sometimes somewhat obsolete at this point, are becoming a kind of throwback but are used because they are more personal. Getting together in person and meeting for coffee can be so retro... chic!!

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Renata Monte Alegre
April 2008
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