I LOVE VINTAGE PRODUCT / FOOD PACKAGING from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's! I'm always looking for 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's cereal boxes, premiums, store displays, kids food related boxes / packaging, Lemp beer, Freakies, Quisp, Quake, Frankenberry, Booberry, Count Chocula, Hostess, Waffelos, Fruit Pie the Magician, Cap'n Cupcake, Flintstones, Red Barn, Funny Face, Cap'n Crunch, Falstaff, Quik, Showbiz, King Vitamin, Mr. Wiggle, Puddin' Head, Pals, Burger Chef, Dog N Suds, Mego, old rock concert ticket stubs ie: Queen / Black Sabbath, HR Pufnstuf, Howdy Doody, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, old Monster / Horror movies / toys, old Drive-In, Dark Shadows, Kool Aid, old Candy boxes / wrappers, 70's McDonalds, EERIE / CREEPY magazines, old advertising / characters - icons - mascots, Orange Julius, Ralston, Charlie Tuna, Squirt / Smile soda, ICEE, Magic Cow, Frito Bandito, Yummy Mummy, Big Boy, Pappy Parker, Esso, Nauga, Trix, Donald Duck, DQ, Spoonman, Crazy Foam, Big Shot, Keen, Pop-Tarts, Koogle, Willy Wonka, Libbyland, Casper, Dolly Madison, Banana Splits, Moonstones, Suger Bear, Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, Crazy Cow, Sir Grapefellow, Mr. Waffles, Cookie Crisp, Remco, Koogle, Jay Ward, Fruit Brute, Frosty O's, etc.

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  • Me, Julia and Chris Aug. 1994 by gregg_koenig
  • LEMP Save the Date 2013 by gregg_koenig
  • Uncle FishLIPS and Elsa at Chuck E. Cheese (Columbia, MO) ... by gregg_koenig
  • Chuck E. Cheese Engagement by gregg_koenig
  • Chris N Gregg 9.18.10 Flaming Lips by gregg_koenig
  • Gregg, Annie and Chris 2010 TAProom by gregg_koenig
  • Gregg 'n Mom 10.10.09 by gregg_koenig
  • Gregg, Chris and Mom 10.10.09 by gregg_koenig
  • My brother and I in the early 80's Big Wheel by gregg_koenig
  • My class pic Children's House 1978 by gregg_koenig
  • My cousin Emily and me in Thetford, VT by gregg_koenig

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Gregg Koenig
April 2008
St. Louis
St. Louis, USA
I am:
Male and Taken
Graphic Designer